Costume Shop and Costumes Coming to FreePlay

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There’s Only Gonna be a Prima Seasons eGuide and Not A Physical One? No Problem!

Source: SimsVIP This is gonna tick off a lot of people, but it’s not all bad. Here’s why. 1. There will be an interactive map with the Seasons eGuide. Maybe […]

UK Charts 10-20-12

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Temporary Removal of Patches and Programs

Today we’re announcing that we’re temporarily retiring the programs and patches pages on SimPrograms. Our vast directory of programs and patches for The Sims franchise, Spore, and SimCity have been […]

John Riccitiello’s Thoughts on Social Gaming?

Source: Game Informer Electronic Arts’ CEO John Riccitiello had a few things to say about the supposed declining state of social gaming. He had some positive things to say like, […]

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LGR Oddware – 3D Glasses?

By now some of you are probably wondering why we’re so into LGR when it doesn’t involve Sims/SimCity. Well, we’re in love with him, er uh his massive collection of […]