Glassbox Possibilities

In a recent interview with NowGamer, an EA Rep said the following.

The thing we can say about Glassbox is we built that as a foundation for future simulations for the studio and it’s highly scalable, it’s highly applicable to a wide variety of different platforms.

Some think this is referring to future games being released on Console, but it’s more likely mentioning how the different Maxis Studios could use the engines on other games. For instance, maybe The Sims 4 or a new franchise. What do you think?

Source: iSims and SimWay


Seasons Giveaway! *STICKY*

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Holy Cow! Our poll has FINALLY reached 1000 votes!!! That’s what I would have said if I had the patience of a saint and didn’t mind waiting another week or so. But because I don’t… Ladies and Gents, Monsters and Ghouls! Today, I am announcing that we will be giving away a copy of The Sims 3: Seasons!

And here’s how to enter:

1. In the comments section below, tell us who your favorite Sim is and why.

2. THAT’S IT! If you do this, you’re in!

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SimCity – Dynamic Audio

The terrain is completely empty and I immediately start filling it with stuff. Long curving roads, residential zones, a wind power plant—I’ll make an effort to go green, I think, as I plunk a town hall among the houses. A tinkering melody comes through the speakers and its as though the game responds to the music; I watch a house spring up out of the ground, construction materials clicking together just as the music builds on itself. I watch as tiny cars zoom in and unstuff themselves with people, and another melody threads through the soundtrack suggesting bustling life and growth.

But without warning a fire breaks out on the other side of town, and people are complaining about unemployment rates. I realize I’m losing money, but if I want to build commercial and industrial areas I’ll need more of it first. A tense undertone crops up in the music, and it heightens my anxiety. So I raise taxes and shut down the power plant. I watch as my city’s revenue crawls up and up—until I’m reminded by my citizens there is no sewer system, and the sickening sound of sludgy mess fills my ears.

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The Sims 3 is Compatible with Windows 8!

For everyone whom is making the upgrade to Windows 8 tomorrow, such as myself, you’ll be pleased to know that as long as you have the latest patch (Patch 1.39) then The Sims 3 will work fine! This was confirmed by SimGuruGraham, which I found while browsing through his Twitter.


I was planning on writing a blog post on getting the game to work on Windows 8, as in the preview releases the game was incompatible unless it was running in compatibility mode.