SimFans Seasons Q&A – Winter

Winter Info!

Where can you have woohoo? Are there any new places?
Yes, try some in an igloo in the winter and in the large pile of leaves in the fall.

Is there weather and seasons in all the worlds?
Fast. All official worlds from the store, the expansion packs, and even custom worlds / neighborhoods support weather / seasons. The exceptions are the destinations of the expansion pack “World Adventures”. There is no weather and no seasons.

Why are there no Christmas?
For this answer, we had to dig deeper detail the developers. The reason is that The Sims 3 appears in many countries and on all continents. Not all players are of course Christians and celebrate Christmas and other Christian festivals. So it has value on other features and use the available development time for it. Although there is an activity in which you exchange gifts and an egg hunt. Christmas and Easter, but this is not. Each player in the world can this then play the way he wants.


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iSims Previews Winter

Although I winter in real life not really like it, I must say that it was in the game my favorite season! I never thought that this is all the Producers is cooked to perfection! When winter begins, it gets cold first – late fall. All the leaves fall from the trees and the Sims start to dress in thick. After that time has come. As in real life is often the case, the first snow falls during the night. The morning after the Sims then look out the window and wonder why the country is so white! The snow is falling in sections, until it is just a small layer on the bottom, and over time it becomes more and more. It looks really nice, as the snow appears liquid on the floor. Not so the second as with The Sims As for the roads when it snowed for a while, the roads are covered with snow! The winter we could not discover, however :)



First Alien Uploaded to The Sims 3 Exchange

Fraizesauxsims3, whom recently attended an EA Seasons event, has uploaded an alien to the exchange. You cant use the Alien unless you have Seasons, but you can check out the alien and a few of the new clothing items!


Kudos to SimsVIP


SimNation Presidential Poll Results & New Poll!

It’s time to find out whom the winner of the SimPrograms Presidential Poll was… and it’s Bella Goth of the Plumbob Party!


It’s election time in SimNation and it’s up to you to decide which Sim will run the country… VOTE NOW!

Bella Goth (39%, 202 Votes)
Don Lothario (20%, 105 Votes)
Freezer Bunny (19%, 99 Votes)
Pollination Tech#9 Smith (12%, 65 Votes)
Mary-Sue Pleasant (10%, 50 Votes)

That means it’s time for a new poll, and this weeks poll is…

Are you disappointed that Seasons doesn’t have it’s own world?

Yes, I am
No, not really
I will purchase a store world


New Version of CAW Now Available!!!

EA has FINALLY updated Create A World! WOO!!! Click the pic below to be redirected to the page and download the new version now. Uninstall the old one first though.

CAW news: There is a new version of CAW posted that should resolve the issue people were having with lots getting deleted when saving their world. This should allow users who were working on worlds to continue editing them. I don’t have an ETA on the problem with worlds saved in the current CAW not installing properly for game play.



GamesRadar–Seasons Exclusive Winter Details

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Winter wonderland

Hot cocoa, a warm fire, snuggling in a rustic log cabin. What more could you want from a winter retreat? Sure, it’s probably -40F/C outside and the icy winds will give you frostbite in just minutes, but take advantage! Have your Sims canoodle or woohoo within the confines of a cozy home. Or bundle up and hit the slopes!

Here’s our final exclusive look at what’s included in the upcoming expansion, The Sims 3 Seasons, where we ask Graham Nardone, the assistant producer what to expect when the snow begins to fall. In this case, it’s falling on November 13 in North American and November 16 in Europe.

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Reflecting On Maxis: A Will Wright Interview


Maxis is the company behind some of the most successful games on the PC, and Will Wright was the most recognizable face behind Maxis. From the studio’s inception in 1987 to his departure from Maxis in 2009, he was the creative mind driving development of titles like The Sims, SimCity, and Spore. I spoke to Wright for an upcoming feature (appearing in our next issue) about the 25th anniversary of Maxis, but couldn’t fit the entire interview into the magazine. These questions cover a wide range of topics, including Maxis’ history, inspirations, and the need for a developer to be the public face of a game. Keep reading to learn more about the man responsible for the ideas that turned Maxis into the biggest name in simulation.

What was Maxis’ first project?

The very first product was this vector-based flight sim multiplayer called Sky Chase…Sky Chase was some game that some guy that I never even met wrote. [Maxis co-founder] Jeff [Braun] decided to publish it basically to iron out the wrinkles, and get it into the box, get it to shelves. We sold about ten or twenty-thousand copies of it. It didn’t cost us anything to produce because we were paying royalties and he did it all on his own time. It got us used to the idea of going from soup to nuts and getting something on the shelf…

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