gamesradar Previews Seasons – Autumn/Fall + 7 New Pics!

Anyone who has had to live in a climate with four seasons understands that fall is a blissful respite between the harsh heat of summer and the -40F with wind […]

Supernatural – Werewolf Concept Art

It always feels like… someone is watching me! Source: Rincon Del Simmer via The Sims 3 Twitter

Supernatural City Hall Concept Art

Some luuurrrrvly concept art for you to sink your teeth into! Looks pretty cool, right? What’s better in your opinion: the concept art or the in-game city hall? Source: SimsVIP

Supernatural – Witch Concept Art

Look what was just shared on The Sims 3 Facebook Page!

SimWay TV – Episode 2

Episode 2 of SimWay TV is now here with even more fun! Simway Tv Season 3 – Episode 2 Read more at SimWay

New SimCity Blog – Owning the Streets of SimCity


Cars can quickly take over city streets in SimCity, resulting in massive traffic jams and the economic loop coming to a stop! Your Sims won’t be able to get to […]

Sims 3 Seasons – Autumn and EA Poland

via DOTSim and thanks to GlossyGem for the tip!  Spoiler alert! New WooHoo spot detected! Really? They’ve recycled the haystack woohoo animation from Pets? First, during the autumn, the festival […]

New Seasons Pic – Sunset Valley Snow!

via: SimCookie Check out Sunset Valley’s Central Park covered in snow!