A Kentucky Fried Freezer Bunny Poll – Finger Lickin’ Good!

The results are in from our outgoing poll and a new poll is ready to take its place. What was your favorite part of the Maxis Live Broadcast? All of […]

-REMINDER- Spooky Day Embargo Ends Friday!

Check out the list below! General Seasons Info – Released Alien Info – Released Halloween/Spooky Day Info – October 19th THIS FRIDAY! Winter Info – Friday November 2nd

Graham’s Sims 3 Twitter Takeover!

On October 18th at 10AM PST, SimGuruGraham will take control of @thesims3 twitter and will be answering our questions about Seasons.

Contests Needing Contestants on MTS! Join Now!

My contest is currently in need of 1 more contestant to kick off! I will still accept more than that, but in order to continue, I need one more entry! […]

Prima Guides + SimPrograms = AWESIM!!!

TBS: Have you ever had a lazy day where you just wanna sit and enjoy The Sims 3 Supernatural? Simmer: Yes. TBS: You have? Well why didn’t you? Simmer: I […]

SimCity Disaster Trailer

The disaster trailer for SimCity is now live, check it out! Tata, Toto!

UK Charts 10-13-12

EA Unintentionally Gives Away Thousands of Games for Free!

via: Kotaku So some codes were given to gamers by EA after completing a survey. Sounds good right? Well, not for EA. Turns out that the codes could be used […]