US Simmer – Go to BK and Maybe Win a Wii U

Good thing I’m in the US and love BK. MMM BK Onion Rings… Drools like Homer Simpson.

FreePlay – Supernatural Update

It’s coming soon!

Zynga Cancels THE VILLE

So adding to the news earlier about Zynga laying off a lot of people in many of it’s studios, the have announced that they will discontinue The Ville. Looks like […]

Sunlit Tides – Coming Soon to a Big Box Mart Near You?

Source: Rincon Del Simmer Looks like we’ll soon be able to pick up some Sunlit Tides Jack In The Box Code-In-The-Box at a Big Box Store soon. Just like with […]

Good News for EA – Zynga Lays off More People

Sad part about this? These are Texans that are now out of a job. TEXANS Y’ALL!!! via CBS Owned GameSpot Today is not great day for many Zynga employees. The […]

Got some juicy news? Let us know!

With all of the other fansites out there, it’s hard to post original news. That’s why we need help from you, our readers. Whether it’s giving us a heads up […]

What Do The SimCity Social E3 Trailer and Windows 8 Have in Common?… THIS!

Our Spon1Player has some very sharp ears. He pointed this out to me, so I thought I’d share it. SimCity Social E3 Trailer Windows 8 Ad Notice something in both?

SimCity Blog – Physics

Check out the awesome! Disasters are where the physics system is put to best use. Disasters are able to affect the game physics in a variety of ways. A small […]