Poll Results & New Poll!

Last week’s poll results are in, let’s take a look at them now!

What is your favourite store world?

Monte Vista – 95 Votes
Sunlit Tides – 107 Votes
Lucky Palms – 74 Votes
Lunar Lakes – 25 Votes
Hidden Springs – 34 Votes
Barnacle Bay – 13 Votes
I dislike store worlds – 71 Votes

Total Votes: 419 Votes

With the results for that poll in, it’s time for another poll.. so get voting!

Which expansion theme do you really want in-game?

Time Travel
Holiday (Vacation)


The Sims 3 University Life Logo (Spanish)

T.Irpres Pars put together an EA game launch event yesterday in Madrid. When they shown off their work via Twitter, they revealed something more! On the far right, you can see the University Life Logo above the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s stuff logo, in Spanish of course.


Source: SimsVIP


Sims 3 Store: Snowflake Day Giveaway

(try saying that 10 timesfast!)

With Seasons now out and many Simmers experiencing the new Winter Festival, Snowflake Day (once or twice… or more..), the official blog has been updated encouraging players to update their store wishlists and to share their Snowflake Day photos on their Facebook Event Wall. With any luck the Gurus will be spreading some holiday cheer through some gifting!

The Holidays are coming – or, what is known to the Sims – Snowflake Day! Why not celebrate your own Snowflake Day by sharing your Store Wishlists with each other? Come over to our event page and share your The Sims 3 Wishlist and screenshots of your Sims celebrating Winter. If you’re feeling generous, why not surprise a fellow Simmer? Who knows if a fellow Simmer or a SimGuru will leave you a surprise as well!