Origin Accounts Hacked

It may be wise to change your password, as Eurogamer are reporting that a number of people have woken up to find their Origin account hacked. Read more on RockPaperShotgun.


Uh-oh. Eurogamer are reporting that a number of people have woken up this morning to find that their EA Origin account has been hacked. Receiving emails telling them that changes have successfully been made, recipients are not too delighted since they never asked for any. And then of course getting control of their accounts back again is a great big palava. It’s even happened to one of Eurogamer’s own.

Rather than the phishing scam it might at first appear to be, these really are successfully changed account notifications. Which means someone has got hold of both a username and password of an account holder, and been able to circumnavigate the security that prevents an outsider being able to change such details. Because, as is mostly the norm, there isn’t any. I’ve just loaded my own Origin account, and when logged in all I need to do to change the password is know the old one. That done, the original account holder is locked out. Fairly standard, obviously.

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The Stones Throw Greenhouse Venue–Coming Soon

Info about new store content has been posted on SimGuruTaterTot’s blog!

I’ve worked with designer Alan Copeland to come up with his thoughts on our latest masterpiece: The Stones Throw Greenhouse Venue — which includes two new premium content, such as the Plants vs. Zombies Sunflower!

A few weeks ago we mentioned that there are some really cool content coming to the Sims 3 Store over the next couple of months.  Today I’m excited to preview one of my personal favorites, the Stones Throw Greenhouse!  This venue is filled with more new objects and exclusive premium content than any other venue we’ve shipped before!

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Exclusive: BeyondSims SimCity Interview With Maxis’ Jason Haber

BeyondSims has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Jason Haber, producer of the upcoming SimCity game which is coming in March 2013! Please bear in mind that Maxis aren’t allowed to speak about certain things yet.


Hello! Thanks for doing this interview myself for BeyondSims, it really means a lot to be able to offer this to our readers and fans of SimCity! I guess we’ll start by introducing ourselves. My name is Daniel, and I am one of the webmasters and content writers at BeyondSims. Could you introduce yourself for the audience, please?


My name is Jason Haber and I’m one of the Producers at Maxis working on SimCity.

SimCity 4 is still alive thanks to the modding community, such as Simtropolis, do you intend to offer support for mods after the game has been released?

First of all, I’d like to thank all of the fans in our community that have kept SimCity 4 thriving for so long – they’ve really kept the spirit of the game and the SimCity franchise alive. We know that modding is a big part of SimCity,but with that said, right now we’re really focused on finishing the core game and releasing it.

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