Sims 3 Store: Deliciously Indulgent Bakery , Part 2


SimGuruCopeland and SimGuruTatertot updated the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery post and added all the new recipes that comes with this new upcomming venue. To read part 1 of the post, click […]

April Fools 2014: Maxis Ceases Development of The Sims 4; Announces ‘Freezer Bunny’ Spin-off


I am in absolute shock about this news and I can’t believe that I’m actually having to write this on the website. The Sims 4, which was to be the […]

Sims 3 Store: Deliciously Indulgent Bakery – Coming April 2014!


SimGuruCopeland has posted on The Sims 3 forums talking about the upcoming Deliciously Indulgent Bakery! Fresh out of the oven in April 2014! I’m so glad we can start talking […]

The Sims 4’s Soundtrack Now Recording at Abbey Road Studios


The Sims has had some fantastic music since it was released in 2000 and each game has had it’s own style of music. Who could forget the masterpieces Jerry Martin, […]

Sims 2 Style Cutscenes will not return in The Sims 4


Following recent information at GDC, it was suggested that in-game cutscenes, like those found in The Sims 2, would be making a return in The Sims 4. Unfortunately, at this […]

SimCity: Offline Mode Newsletter


EA has sent out a newsletter to SimCity players to inform them that offline mode is now available. You can read the newsletter below or by clicking here.  

Sims 3 Store: Upcoming Set Preview

Banner The Sims 3 Store

SimGuruTatertot has shared an image of an upcoming store set. It looks like we’ll be getting some sweet treats in this set @Cinderellimouse @SimGuruSarah care to join me for a […]

The Sims 4: 30 New Alpha Screenshots from GDC 2014


Please remember that the screenshots are Alpha software and do not reflect what may be in the final game. Games Developer Conference (GDC) 2014 is well underway and Maxis have […]