SimCity: Complete Edition Now Available on Origin

Are you still looking to try out the latest incarnation of SimCity? For a fantastic price of £24.99 you can get the base game, Cities of Tomorrow expansion and all five digital content packs!

The Power to Build is Yours in the complete SimCity collection with two games & five digital content sets.

Experience the newest version of SimCity – the greatest city-simulator of all time. This collection is packed with an expanded core game, the SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack, and the Amusement Park, Airship, French, British and German City sets. Create the city you desire and make choices that will shape your city and the Sims in it. Focus on industry, or consumerism and your economy will soar – but at the expense of your Sims’ health as pollution spreads. Implement green technology and improve your Sims’ lives while risking higher taxes and unemployment. The choice is yours.

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SimCity BuildIt: Gameplay Trailer

Maxis Helsinki has released a trailer for SimCity BuildIt, check it out below!

Build, craft, and control! This all-new SimCity game—designed just for mobile—is coming soon to the App Store and Google Play. The key to your city awaits!

With countless buildings and vivid, 3D-quality graphics, SimCity BuildIt is the most realistic city builder on mobile. Create and trade resources with friends and other cities. Unlock exclusive buildings or unleash natural (and not so natural) disasters!

Watch your city come to life, Mayor!

You can also learn more on the official SimCity BuildIt website.


Maxis Working On “Brand New Sims Title”

Maxis are currently seeking a designer in Redwood City, CA, where The Sims Studio is located. This designer will be tasked with the job of working on a “brand new Sims title”.

As a Technical Designer, you’ll be working with a large (but tight-knit) team of enthusiastic industry professionals from all walks of life. Your job will be to design and create user-facing content in a brand new Sims title using our internal scripting tools.

This could be one of two things: an expansion pack/downloadable content or a brand new game. Since The Sims 4 was only released two months ago and the team are still working on free updates, I would lean more towards an expansion pack. But a new title can take a few years to develop so I wouldn’t mind seeing The Sims 4 Medieval * hint hint EA 😉 *

Do you think you could fill the role of Technical Designer? Check out the job listing on the EA Careers website!

Oasis Springs

Giveaway: Win The Sims 4! (Winner Announced)

Competition Closed!

The winner is NaBrown!! Thank you to everyone who participated.


Terms and Conditions
By entering this competition you agree that you have read and understood the following competition terms and conditions. The competition closes on the 20th November at 23:59GMT and entries made after this time will not be valid. You must leave a comment with a valid email address so we can contact you. If, after several attempts, the winner does not respond then another winner shall be randomly selected. We may cancel the competition at any time and in the event of being unable to provide the prize, an alternate prize shall be provided.
TS4_POOLS_CommunityExclusive_ROOFTOP copy

The Sims 4: Our In-Depth Pools Preview

Since The Sims 4 released two months ago, there have been many who have been eagerly awaiting the return of pools. Maxis announced last month that we’d receive three free game updates: ghosts, pools and careers. We received ghosts last month and now it’s November (or should I say Poolvember) and pools are just around the corner!

Yep, pools are returning to The Sims 4 this week in a free game update! Until then we’re here to provide you with a little preview to wet your appetite, so be sure to read on…

Create A Sim

The game update brings back the much-loved swimwear category so you can pick the outfit you want your Sims to wear in the pool. Like all other categories, you can unselect the ‘Swimwear’ tag and allow your Sims to wear anything the pool (bunny slippers and dressing gown anyone?!).

Some of the new CAS items include:

  • Speedos and board shorts for men – there’s even a leopard print one!
  • Three full body outfits, three tops and eight bottoms for women.
  • New tops and bottoms for children.
  • New styled looks for adults and children.
  • New accessories including sunscreen!


Build Mode

This is where you’ll get down and dirty with creating your pools. A new pool icon has been added to build mode and you can create rectangle, triangle, octagonal, square and diagonal pools. There all merge together like rooms when you plop them on top of each other. You can also pick up, move and rotate a whole pool whenever you want.

Pools can now be placed on foundations or on any floor within the house, and you can still keep windows on the walls too! If you place a pool on the ground while you have a foundation then it will become a terrain pool, but you can use a neat trick and place the pool against a wall with foundation if you want it to be on a foundation in the middle of your Sims’ garden. You can also adjust the depth of pools the same way you change the height of walls and this can be changed at any time.

New pool accessories have also been introduced in the update. You can place pool ladders, lights and accessories such as floor mosaics (patterns and turtles). Ladders can now be placed diagonally if you wish. Much like The Sims 3 until Seasons came along, there are no diving boards are in the update at present but we’ve been told to not rule them out in the future.

A new gnome arrives with the update too! Say hello to an all new female poolside gnome, make sure you keep an eye out for her. When asked about pre-built pool lots, the SimGuru’s confirmed that they’re working on some to put into the gallery. In addition to all of these new features, you can also place lily pads etc in the pool and build walls/fences against the edge of the pool.


Live Mode

New interactions arrive Emotions can affect the way your Sims swim in pools. These emotional swims come with unique animations and consist of things such as an angry swim or a playful swim. You can also swim here where the Sim swims to a location but they can also swim laps which lasts longer. To begin swimming, your Sims can jump in or use the ladder.

One interaction new to The Sims franchise I’m sure you’ll all love is the ability to sit on the edge of the pool! Sims in the pool can swim up to those on the edge and splash them, so there’s a lot of socialising going on while your Sims swim and hang out together.

When swimming, Sims work on their fitness and kids level up their motor skills in the process. Something slightly disgusting yet funny is the ability for Sims to pee in the pool when their bladder is low. You’ll see it happen… and they’ll even get a unique moodlet called “Secretly Relaxed” 😉

Death enthusiasts can rejoice with this game update as there are new ways to kill your Sims. Death by drowning makes a triumphant return and the dead Sim will sink to the bottom of the pool until the Grim Reaper takes them away. There is a new ghost as a result of death by pool which is blue and drips with water. As they move about the lot, they’ll leave a trail of puddles! Children can also drown too, if that’s more your thing.

TS4_POOLS_CommunityExclusive_ROOFTOP copy

We are very excited about the upcoming game update and we hope you are too! You can tune into the live stream TONIGHT to get a look at pools before they release this week. Remember it’s completely free and the update will automatically install via. Origin once it’s out.


The Sims 4: Vote Which Holiday Sweater You Want!

Hello Simmers! It’s November and the holidays are approaching rapidly! To get into the giving spirit, we’d like to make a tacky (cheesy) holiday sweater for you all! Here are some concepts we have drawn up. Tell us which one you’d most like to inflict on your Sims this holiday season. Santa will deliver it in December!


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The Sims 2 Super Collection (Mac) – New Game Update Available

Aspyr Media has released an update for The Sims 2 Super Collection, a compilation of Sims 2 games ported to Mac, and is available to download from the Mac App Store.

One of the biggest things in this update is that the game now supports 4K resolutions!

Version 1.2.2 Update Includes:

  • Added gesture support for zoom and rotate.
  • Added 4K resolution support.
  • Added feature to easily restore The Sims 2 neighbourhoods.
  • Added feature to easily import SimCity 4 terrain.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 00.09.45