Kotaku: A Sims Fan Theory That Gets Pretty Dark

One of the most iconic families in The Sims 4 has a history that the game doesn’t tell you about.

If you’ve played previous Sims games, perhaps you’re aware of it. Part of the story behind the Goths is obvious even in The Sims 4: they’re a wealthy, gloomy and somewhat snobby family. But there’s more to them than that. Though the Goth family is present in nearly every Sims game, the matriarch, Bella is mysteriously absent from her family in The Sims 2. The reason? Alien abduction, apparently.

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The Sims 4 For Mac: EA are “working on it”

As a Mac user, I have had to use Bootcamp or a Windows computer to play The Sims 4 so far. While The Sims 3 launched with a Mac version, it was a not a native port and as a result was quite slow in terms of performance compared to the Windows version (even when playing on the same computer!).

EA have announced today that they are “working on” the Mac version for The Sims 4! Rejoice!

We know our players on Mac are looking to hear more. We are working on it. When we have more to share, we’ll bring the news to you right here.

This is very exciting as we now know that a Mac version is still in the works. For all the latest Sims 4 news, keep your eyes peeled on BeyondSims :)


It’s Getting Spooky in Here: Ghosts Are Now Haunting The Sims 4

We’re super excited to announce the release of ghosts in The Sims 4. Check out our guide below!

Ghosts, how do they work?

Just how do you find these spooky creatures from the spirit world? When a Sim dies, non-player character (NPC) ghosts attach to a tombstone or urn around your Sim’s home or yard. But these aren’t just decorations. You can build relationships with these ghosts, and invite them to join your Sim’s household where they can become playable characters. Once a ghost is “playable” it can get a job, get married and contribute to the family like any living Sim. Of course, they wouldn’t be properly undead without some special ghostly abilities and behaviors.


Ghostly Behavior

Ghosts are a moody bunch and much of what they do depends on how they’re feeling and how they died. Ghosts that die from laughter stay positive, with a moodlet causing nearby Sims to become playful. Beware of ghosts that die from anger, as they will have a very different attitude. Other ghosts will have more…unique behaviors. Sims that have been electrocuted to death will become ghosts capable of breaking objects by possessing them. Victims of the Cow Plant spend the afterlife interested in gardening; if you’re lucky, a ghost will lovingly tend to your Sim’s garden, but a bad mood will lead to a yard full of dead plants.

Luckily it’s pretty easy to tell what mood a ghost is in as they tend to radiate their emotions for everyone to see – it’s the undead version of wearing your emotions on your sleeve.

The way you play determines ghost behavior as well. If you keep your ghost Sims happy they’ll be a big help around the house freeing Sims to spend time working on goals, making friends or whatever it is that makes them happy. For example, you may hate how long it takes normal Sims to repair objects around the home. With ghosts around you can use “ghostly repair” to save all kinds of time! A Ghost Sim can even be used as a sort of maid that tidies up while your Sim family sleeps if the Ghost Sim has the “neat” trait.


Getting Rid of Ghosts

Tired of your ghost Sim? No problem! Ghosts can be easily banished to the netherworld with one interaction on their urn or tombstone. You can also bring ghosts back to life! If a Sim has a high enough gardening and cooking skill they can make a tasty plate of Ambrosia to bring ghosts back from the dead. You’ll need three ingredients to do that – Ambrosia, a Death Flower and the Potion of Youth.

We really hope that you enjoy the new ghostly gameplay and we can’t wait to see what new stories you’re going to tell. Happy haunting Simmers!

P.S. Make sure you launch Origin to download the latest update. It will automatically introduce ghosts into your game.


The Sims 4: Ghosts Official Trailer

We announced earlier that we’re getting 3 free game updates to The Sims 4 containing ghosts, pools, careers and much more!

EA have now released the official trailer for the Ghosts update which is now available via. Origin – just update your game :)


The Sims 4: 3 FREE Content Updates Announced (Ghosts, Pools and Careers)

We were lucky enough to be invited to a teleconference with EA to be among the first to know about upcoming content for The Sims 4! We’re excited to announce that the game will be receiving 3 FREE major game updates, in the form of patches.

The first free gameplay update, coming TODAY, brings ghosts to The Sims 4! When your Sims die, they now become ghosts. When they die there is a chance that they will emerge at night and you can befriend them to ask them to join your household. They can do everything a Sim can do and retain their traits and skills however they lose their career, but they can start a new career.


Emotions also influence your ghosts. Say your Sim dies by fire, they can set off fires when they’re angry!! If they died by electrocution, they can break stuff about the house. Their colour also changes depending on their emotional state. In addition, if they die in an emotional state then they can make sims around them feel the same way.

Also coming today in the first gameplay update is four free Star Wars costumes for halloween! You can be more machine than man – dress in Darth Vader armour, save the galaxy with Leia’s dress and hair buns, dress as Luke Skywalker and children can wear Jedi Robes. There will also be a new gnome ;)

In addition to all of this, new eye colours and bug fixes are coming today. Check  your Origin from 5pm BST!


Now, we have two new updates coming in November and December. In November, Pools will be returning to The Sims 4 for COMPLETELY FREE. More information will be coming in a few weeks but they wanted to ‘wet our appetite’. ;) You will also be able to die by drowning!

In December, we will get new careers in the game to allow your Sims to get a few more simoleons for the holiday season.

We’re super excited about this announcement, be sure to open Origin later on today so you can get the first update for FREE!!!!!

08-12-14_5-04 AM

The Sims 4: Game Update (25th September 2014)

A new update has been released for The Sims 4 addressing some issues. Simply open Origin to update your game.

Update: 9/24/14

Bug Fixes / Issues:

  • Fixed some issues related to error codes 102 and 122–Fixed an issue that prevents loading an auto-saved game directly from the “Load Game” menu.
  • Fixed some instances of disappearing Sims.

SimCity BuildIt: Re-Defining City Building for a New Generation Mobile Players

Two weeks ago EA announced some of its upcoming mobile games. I was excited that there was a lot of interest in SimCity BuildIt. Ahead of its upcoming launch I wanted to share more about the game, how it came into being and start to introduce the talented & passionate team in our Helsinki Studio that created it. I’d also like to address some of the questions that came up: Will it be like the PC game? Will it be free? Will the game be playable offline?

SimCity BuildIt lets you create and manage your own unique living, breathing city from the ground up while balancing the needs of your Sims to keep them happy and your city thriving.If you’re a mobile gamer, but have never played a SimCity game before, you’re in for a real treat. You can expect a gorgeous, engaging city building game that is both incredibly rich in terms of gameplay, but super approachable and designed for how you play games on your smartphone or tablet.

SC blog image


If you’re a SimCity fan, you’ll immediately recognize many iconic elements from the PC series. These have been reimagined for a uniquely mobile-first design…this is not SimCity “lite” for mobile, it’s a new/different SimCity experience compared to what you’ve played on the PC.  And while many of the coolest features do require an online connection – just like many mobile games – SimCity BuildIt does have an optional offline mode so folks can keep playing even if their internet connection is lost.

In bringing SimCity to the latest generation of mobile devices – and to a new generation of players – the team realized early on that they were going to have to take some risks. To be successful, we had to deliver on the things that make SimCity SimCity, but in a way that’s easy to pick up and play, satisfying in much shorter play sessions, and free.

From the outset we’ve been engaged in a dialog with our players…sharing our vision while getting to the core of what they love about SimCity and understanding what they’re looking for – and expect – in a new, uniquely mobile expression of this legendary franchise.

Die-hard fans will immediately recognize aspects of the PC game that inspired us, but these familiar reference points have been streamlined to make the experience more fun and manageable on touchscreens. There’s still a rich city simulation “under the hood” that drives the game…it affects the happiness of your Sims and the development of your city based on the choices you make. There are Zones, Roads and Traffic, Services, City Specializations and Data Layers. There are Disasters and Landmarks.

The game is rendered in gorgeous, real-time 3D with tons of attention to the little details along with the humor and whimsy you’ve come to expect. Into all of this, we are introducing something new: Crafting. Just like in a real city, players manufacture, consume and exchange all kinds of goods which enables their cities come to life, expand and thrive.

Over the next few weeks (when they are not heads down putting the finishing touches on their game) you’ll hear from the exceptionally talented folks that brought a unique & compelling vision to life. They’ll share more about SimCity BuildIt and why we think you’re going to love it. Stay tuned…


SimCity: Half Price on Origin

SimCity, among other EA games, has had it’s price slashed in half for a limited time only! You can grab the game for just £14.99, which is a steal compared to the £40 I paid at launch, or the digital deluxe for £19.99.

Show the world what a real mayor can do! In SimCity you’ll take control of a living, breathing town, full of citizens who have their own identities and ideas. Setting up your city is deceptively simple; the real challenge—and the real fun—comes from managing the complex, robust environment you’ve created.


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