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The Sims 4: Higher Quality Render & Social Media Redesigns

It looks like EA are getting ready to tell us some news about The Sims 4 as they have updated all of their social media sites today; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with a higher quality version of The Sims 4’s “selfie” render which we saw a while back.

Check out the higher quality Sims 4 “selfie” render below, click on it to view it at its 2120×1192 resolution :)



New Sims 4 Avatars Shared On Twitter

As we’re all anxiously awaiting more information about The Sims 4, it appears that some the SimGuru’s want to have a little bit of fun with us!

SimGuruRyan and SimGuruMartin have updated their Twitter profiles with all-new Sims 4 avatars. Ryan’s is a self-sim, so we can presume that Martin’s is as well.

Check them out below!

UPDATE – SimGuruShannon has shared a Sims 4 version of herself too!

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The Sims 4 Confirmed to be at E3

Rachel Franklin, executive producer on The Sims 4, posted a tweet earlier on in the week confirming that The Sims 4 will be making an appearance at E3 this year!

This means we can expect EA to finally start telling us more about the game in June… not that much longer to go now!

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Origin: Up to 50% off with Gigabytes of Deals

Origin are hosting a sale with up to 50% off games throughout the store, including The Sims and SimCity games! Fatten up your hard drive for less with Origin until the 24th April 2014.

Some deals that caught my eye included Sims 3 expansions for as little as £9.99, The Sims Medieval Deluxe for £5.99 and SimCity Cities of Tomorrow for £7.50!

View Games on Sale

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iron fence

Sims 3 Store: May Set Preview Hint #3

SimGuruTatertot and SimGuruCopeland updated their thread on the forums again. but this time they added a third “hint”. (click here for the thread.) 

“Hint #3: What keeps people out while drawing them in? The Forgotten Ironwork Fence is one of the most beautifully intricate fences we’ve ever done. Imagine it wrapping around your mansion or as the entrance to your secret garden. 

iron fence

Stay tuned and chat away!”


Sims 3 Store: May Set Preview Hint #2

SimGuruTatertot and SimGuruCopeland updated their thread on the forums by adding a second “hint”. (click here for the thread.) It’s a new L-shaped stair!

“Hint #2: Today’s hint isn’t exactly a brand new item, but it is going to be included in May in a new, fantastic way  The last time we made L-Shaped stairs they were very industrial. This time they’re perfect for your not so humble home.

l-shaped stairs

Stay tuned and chat away!”