The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection FAQ

Yesterday, EA announced that owners of any Sims 2 game on Origin will get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for free. Since then EA have released this handy FAQ to answer some questions you may have.

The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection has started rolling out to gamers, so keep an eye on your account!

I got an email saying I would get a copy of The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, but I can’t find it in my library?
The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection is going out to gamers right now.  Everyone who had a digital copy ofThe Sims 2 will find the Ultimate Collection in their library within the next 5 days. Just log in to Origin and visit your My Games library.

I hear that you are no longer supporting The Sims 2. What does that mean?
Going forward, EA will no longer be providing any new content or making any additional technical updates to The Sims 2. If you have a problem with your game, you are of course still welcome to contact us here at EA Help.

How do I get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection?
The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection is being given out to any gamer who purchased and registered a digital version of The Sims 2.

I didn’t get an email but I want a copy of The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.
Any gamer who has purchased and registered a digital copy of The Sims 2 on Origin will receive the Ultimate Collection. If you can’t find your copy, please contact a Game Advisor for help.

What does The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection contain?
The Ultimate Collection includes The Sims 2, as well as every single The Sims 2 expansion pack and stuff pack. 

How do I remove the old version of The Sims 2 from my game library?
Just right-click on the old tile for The Sims 2 game and select hide tile.


The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for TS2 Origin Owners

:!: Click here to read the Ultimate Collection FAQ.

I have received an email from Origin today and it’s pretty exciting stuff if you own The Sims 2 on Origin. While the game is no longer available to purchase on Origin, if you own the game you have been automatically upgraded to The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection!

This is because technical support for the previously available version of The Sims 2 on Origin is ending on the 22nd July 2014.

Dear Origin Gamer, 

Your current version of The Sims 2 will lose technical support on 22 July 2014. We want you to have the most up-to-date version of The Sims 2 in your collection, so you will see a brand new addition to your Origin library: The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection!

This is the most up-to-date version of The Sims 2 and the version that is still supported by Origin. It also features a lot more content than you may already have in your current version ofThe Sims 2.

The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection will appear in your Origin library automatically. You’ll need to download and install it to your computer to play it.

You’re free to continue playing your existing version of The Sims 2, but please note that it is an older edition of the game that will soon lose technical support. To continue receiving support on your progress of The Sims 2 — including Sims characters, houses, etc. — you will need to transfer your save files of The Sims 2 to the Ultimate Edition. To learn more about backing up your data, please visit: http://help.ea.com/en/article/backing-up-your-sims-2-files/.

Once you’ve migrated your Sims’ lives to The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, you can better organize your Origin game library by hiding your previous version of The Sims 2. Click on the tile for The Sims 2 in your Game Library for the option to hide it. If you need additional directions, we’ve got you covered.

Thanks for your continuing passion for The Sims.

Anyone who has a Sims 2 game on their Origin, whether it’s the base game or an expansion, will be eligible for this. We expect it to be added to your Origin games library on the 22nd July :)

We have reached out to Origin to see if this will be available to purchase for those who don’t own The Sims 2 on Origin.

Oasis Springs

The Sims 4: Second World Called ‘Oasis Springs’

GamesRadar confirmed that the second world for The Sims 4 is called Oasis Springs. Last week SimGuruMarion confirmed that the desert world will be included in the base game of The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 will have another environment to compliment the lush Willow Creek neighborhood, and this one’s more on the parched side. The recently unveiled Oasis Springs district is set in the middle of an arid desert, and has the look of suburban Las Vegas. This locale is filled with desert-themed charm, complete with set-pieces like cactuses and shed-sized air conditioners (and is that a Western-motif diner I see in the background?). You can still build lovely homesteads with plenty of modern comforts. You’ll likely have tons of fun in this…wellspring? Fountain? Watering hole? It’s right on the tip of my tongue…

Oasis Springs

Click to read more:

Source: GamesRadar & SimsCommunity


Nostalgia Sunday: The Sims Online

The Sims Online made it’s debut in December 2002 and was the first time The Sims on PC went online. Much like the offline version you were able to create a Sim, build a home or anything you could think of and meet and interact with others through social interactions and text chat. In addition there were also jobs which were presented in the form on mini games and charged a subscription fee of $9.99 a month.

The game was sadly retired in August 2008 after being rebranded as ‘EA-Land’ and going free-to-play only months before.

This Sunday, we’re going to celebrate this fantastic game by taking a look at The Sims Online’s trailer:



The Sims 4 CAS Demo: Creating Shania Twain

You guys have been demanding more Create A Sim footage so here is some new footage for you, with my own twist of course.

Many of you will know that I love Shania Twain’s music so I thought to myself “Why not re-create Shania?”…