Let’s Play The Sims 2 Open for Business – Episode 2

Episode 2 of Lets Play The Sims 2 Open for Business is now available for you to watch on YouTube!

I’d also like to thank everyone who has supported the YouTube channel as we’ve just hit 6K subscribers and over 1 million views!


GirlGamersUK: Sims 4 Get to Work Preview

GirlGamersUK have shared their hands-on preview of The Sims 4 Get to Work, following their visit to EA UK on the 13th March :)

To begin with, we opted to check out the detective career and assert our authority over any nearby Sims. As a detective, your role is to investigate crime scenes, dust for fingerprints, find clues and solve crimes. You’ll be called to a crime scene, grab a case from the assignments or check out the crime board. Your Sim will have to patrol the streets and look for any altercations that may be occurring on your beat. This can be anything from random fights or people disregarding the environment and throwing litter on the streets. If this happens, you’ll need to book’em and issue a citation. As a detective, you’ll need to improve relations with the citizens and keep the area under control.

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Let’s Play The Sims Castaway Stories Episode 1

Episode 1 of Let’s Play The Sims Castaway Stories is now available to watch on the BeyondSims YouTube channel!

The Castaway Stories game focuses on our Sim who is washed ashore on an unknown island and must survive!

Be sure to also check out my Sims 3 Showtime, Sims 4 and my Sims 2 Open for Business Let’s Plays too!


Simmer Spotlight: Cinderellimouse

Cinderellimouse, who was recently on our Community Spotlight, has been featured on TheSims.com in the latest Simmer Spotlight!

How long have you been a fan of The Sims?

Since the very beginning! My best friend and I loved to tell stories about this cast of characters we had invented, and The Sims was the perfect game for us to make those characters come alive! We were so excited to get the base game, I can still remember staring at that box art and working out who each Sim would be. I absolutely love the brand! What appeals strongly to me is that it allows people a lot of freedom to be creative and do different things: there are builders, people who enjoy making Sims in CAS, storytellers, modders, and custom content artists. I see the game as a tool for people to use their imagination and get creative! It’s interesting seeing how other people play, because Simmers really make their game their own.

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Get to Work: ‘Still Life’ Trailer

Maxis have released a fun trailer to promote the retail features in The Sims 4 Get to Work. It’s a really cute and fun trailer that will remind you a bit of a Disney film.

But remember, mannequins do not actually sing in-game (best disclaimer ever).