SimCity Deluxe running on the iPad (screens)

SimCity Deluxe is a beautiful game sporting the graphics from SimCity 4, but I wished they could of supported the full screen of the iPad.  It’s depressing to see these […]

TouchMyApps – SimCity Deluxe in review (iPhone)

If everything you dreamed of as a kid has always been to look out of your office window and a city of your own grow and prosper, SimCity Deluxe is […]

MySims Skyheroes final boxart

I think we’ve seen about 2-3 drafts of the boxart already, but EA submitted the final version to Gamespress, thus look for this cover on store shelves come this September.

8/5/10 – 1 wallpaper of The Sims 3 Late Night by ‘Exhibit Sims’

If you head on over to Exhibit Sims you’ll be able to pick up a new wallpaper based on the 3rd expansion pack – The Sims 3 Late Night.  They […]

The Sims 3 Late Night official logo (hi-res)

This time, I won’t be fooled as this logo isn’t a fake!  Nope, EA released this on the press website, it’s the real deal.

The Sims 3 Console/handheld official boxart cover (Hi-res)

EA has just put out the hi-res versions of the boxart for The Sims 3 on consoles (and handhelds) which was posted earlier today.  Good timing!

Home Building Tips for The Sims 3 by Carl’s Sims 3 Guides

Once we get onto our new servers (anyday now, hopefully) and we’re under a new, much needed design (the whole site needs a complete overhaul IMO) then I’m going to […]

TouchGen – SimCity Deluxe (iPhone) reviewed

A portion of a review from TouchGen: All in all the game will probably satisfy the all-time Sim City fans out there; but if you are a new comer, like […]