EdenStyle – CAS updates with Late Night

EdenStyle shares with us a little insight with the new update CAS will bring for Late Night. For those not getting the new expansion, hopefully we’ll see the new features implemented in a new patch :)

New clothes are amazing. Due to expansion pack’s topic, there are many beautiful dresses for discos and parties. There are also some news in nightwear and swimsuits categories, like corsets.

In accessories, you can find necklaces. They are both modern (great for goth Sims and teens) and classic.

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EdenStyle – The Sims 3 Late Night video preview

Wow, finally we’re now able to see video of the game in action and not just screens!  Thanks EdenStyle for recording this!  I’m a little bummed though…seeing the new town as it is – the city area reminds me of SimCity.  Why can’t we get a new PC game (properly made) – heck, use the Sims 3 engine if you have to! As much as I am interested in Sims Medieval, I think resources would of been better spent putting the team on a new SimCity.… Continue Reading


The Sims 3 Late Night Prima Guide for $10 (and cover art)

Can we say bought?!  Thank you so much FouadCher for passing along the link! I love saving money, so getting the guide for $10 is a great deal!  Purchase at Amazon and you’re guaranteed to get it at that price if it changes.

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Urbania Sims – Sims 3 Late Night preview

I am previewed out! I have to say, I’m not that hyped about Late Night…I’ll be getting it, but bars/clubs/vampires to not wow me.  Here’s hoping the next expansion/stuff pack will!  Huge thanks to Jillian for passing me the link!

Once installed, the first disappointment … Not the right photos and screenshots: ‘(Even for the startup screen … And as it is high. Anyway … That does not stop us playing and discovering new things!

In the Create A Sims, for Simsettes (not had time to see the sims), headgear side, nothing too Folichon … We can not say that the hairstyles are beautiful, far from it!

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8 screens of The Sims 3 on Console

Once again, ElectricPig provides us with 8 images as well as a short preview of The Sims 3 running on the Xbox 360.

P1020125 P1020124 P1020120 P1020118 P1020117 P1020116 P1020114 P1020113

The negative karma powers for Sims 3 on console are what are really fun though. These include poltergeists, whereby you can inflict a horde of roving ghosts on noisy neighbours, and watch them go all Yvette Fielding in Most Haunted (unless the Sim is an evil Sim, in which case they don’t care about ghosts). We watched a poltergeist steal a laptop from a teenage Sim, and sit down at the kitchen table playing peek a boo with it, while teenage Sim completely freaked out.

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L’Univers Sims – Late Night and Sims 3 Console preview

One more article to add – this time from L’Univers Sims!

Late Night

One thing is for sure is that they do not like the sun, they have a time of tolerance where the skin “burns” after they enter slowly but overheated and ran to hide in the shade. For the sadists who want to finish beware! Once all the needs in the red, I allowed him back into his apartment, and this guy fainted in the elevator, preventing his wife to feed at night.

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Laremandgo – The Sims 3 VIP party in Paris (Late Night & Console preview)

French fansite Laremandgo published their articles and pictures from a special Sims 3 event held in Paris in which fansites were able to preview Late Night and The Sims 3 on Consoles.  Pics aren’t the best, but there are a few new ones.  Thanks to Vader for the link!


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