GDN – The Sims Medieval preview from GamesCom 2010

Short preview from GamesCom 2010 on The Sims Medieval brought to you by Gamers Daily News:

The game is built up from the technology used in the Sims 3 which means that you can even match the style of a carpet to the curtains, the bed spread and the upholstery on the furniture. Overall the game looks like it’s progressing well and will bring more action and adventure to the life of the Sims. I could never get into the Sims personally as I thought, ’why do I need to manage a virtual character’s life when I have my own to manage.’ Now with the addition of heroes, kingdom building and quests, it gives the game more of a goal and something to work toward instead of just a better job and a bigger house.

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EA announces soundtrack for The Sims 3 Consoles & Late Night

Official PR:

Flo Rida, My Chemical Romance, Travie McCoy, 3oh!3, and More Partner with EA on the Uber Popular Life Simulator Series The Sims

More Than Three Dozen Global Artists Re-record Their Current Hits or Upcoming Singles in ‘Simlish’ for The Sims 3 for Consoles and The Sims 3 Late Night

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sul sul zeedab nas! The Sims fans will turn up the volume on their HD and PC hardware this fall and rock out while playing The Sims™ 3 game on their PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, and Wii™ or when firing up The Sims™ 3 Late Night Expansion Pack* for the PC or MAC. The EA Play Label of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) announced today the robust music line-up for The Sims 3 for console platforms and The Sims 3 Late Night PC/MAC that includes music from a variety of genres such as hip-hop, alternative, pop, rock, electronic, and more. Artists from around the world including Travie McCoy, 3oh!3, Flo Rida featuring Jovi, Kelly Rowland, Kelis, and more recorded current or upcoming hit singles from their latest albums in an entirely new language, ‘Simlish,’ which is the official language of The Sims franchise.

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The Sims Zone previews The Sims Medieval from GamesCom 2010

The Sims Medieval is a more or less directed game, pointing you in certain story developments to get you further in the game. You have to aim at completing your ambition (at some point), through mini games and quests, although you can put it off for a while.

There are many limitations in the game, such as no build mode and just one choice for the kingdom area, which make you sacrifice quite a bit of the freedom you may be used to from The Sims 3. Therefore it seems that The Sims Medieval is most interesting for new players of the Sims franchise – similar to the Sims Stories series for The Sims 2. Seasoned players may find the game too limited. To increase the replay value of the game, you can continuously start over with a new kingdom and new ambition, but at some point I expect you’ll have “been there, done that.”

Nevertheless the style of the game, even in these somewhat early stages of development, makes an immersive medieval setting. It is an entirely different style compared to the modern Sims we have seen until now, which makes for a nice variation. Also having the quests probably makes the game more suitable for shorter game sessions, in which you just complete a single quest.

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The Sims Zone previews The Sims 3 Late Night from GamesCom 2010

One of the core new features Late Night introduces is that your Sims can become celebrities. Your Sims will have a score of up to five celebrity stars. To achieve these stars, you have to gain points by socializing with more famous celebrities or working on your career. The higher up you are in the career ladder, the more famous you will be.

The celebrity theme isn’t complete without a movie career, which this pack adds. You can either pursue to become a famous actor/actress or even a movie director. If you’re luck you may also win some awards. The musician career is also being improved, although I am unsure in what way exactly.

Being a celebrity will give you some benefits, like random gifts from fans, but also the usual drawbacks. Papparazzi stakeout around your home stalking you. If you behave badly and it’s spotted, a scandal may hunt you. You can choose to sue the papparazzi at the city hall, and hope for the best, or just bribe the papparazzi and hope nothing leaks out. The third and final option: lose some of your fame score.

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DarkSpore preview featured in Sept. issue of GameInformer & PC Gamer

DarkSpore is hitting the rounds of various gaming magazines!  Check out the September issue of GameInformer as well as PC Gamer for exclusive previews on Maxis’ latest game due out February of 2011!  If anyone happens to have the magazine, please let me know what new details were said.  Thanks!


EA Store Summer Sale – save 40% off PC Downloadable games

If this wasn’t digital only, I’d say it’s too good of a deal to pass up!  Save on The Sims 3 Ambitions ($24), The Sims 3 World Adventures ($18), SimCity 4 Deluxe ($12), The Sims 3 ($29), Spore ($18), The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff ($12), Spore Creepy & Cute ($12) and SimCity Societies ($12).  There are many other games to choose from, so have a look (US Store only).

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