8/5/10 – 1 wallpaper of The Sims 3 Late Night from ‘The Sims Slovenija’

Let’s get the party started, thats what The Sims Slovenija would like for you to do!  Check out the following wallpaper offered in English and Slovenian in 1024×768, 1280×1024 and […]

Amazon – The Sims Medieval pre-order page

I’m hoping that the price is a placeholder because at $60, that’s $10 more than the normal price of a Sims base game.  Also, the date May 31, 2011 does […]

PC Format – The Sims Medieval screens and preview

Now that The Sims Medieval has been announced, I can resurrect this post from the dead!  Although there are some things I changed.  For a complete history on this article, […]

Computer Bild Spiele – Interview with Rachel Bernstein on The Sims Medieval + 2 screens

Huge thanks to reader Esther for sharing this article with me   The German magazine Computer Bild Spiele published their interview with The Sims Medieval producer Rachel Bernstein sharing with […]

SimCity Deluxe running on the iPad (screens)

SimCity Deluxe is a beautiful game sporting the graphics from SimCity 4, but I wished they could of supported the full screen of the iPad.  It’s depressing to see these […]

TouchMyApps – SimCity Deluxe in review (iPhone)

If everything you dreamed of as a kid has always been to look out of your office window and a city of your own grow and prosper, SimCity Deluxe is […]

MySims Skyheroes final boxart

I think we’ve seen about 2-3 drafts of the boxart already, but EA submitted the final version to Gamespress, thus look for this cover on store shelves come this September.

8/5/10 – 1 wallpaper of The Sims 3 Late Night by ‘Exhibit Sims’

If you head on over to Exhibit Sims you’ll be able to pick up a new wallpaper based on the 3rd expansion pack – The Sims 3 Late Night.  They […]