Life update – wow it’s hectic trying to buy a house!

Well, good news.  A house in my neighborhood has popped up on the market and after checking it out, the style and funds both match what I am looking for […]

7/26/10 – Sims 3 Store Daily Deals – ‘Mystical Fence’

Deal here

GameSpot – Darkspore germinating at Comic-Con

The basic gameplay is a sci-fi action-RPG, but players will have to focus on acquiring a stable of new creatures, and then implementing squad-based tactics in the way they use […]

CinemaBlend – Darkspore Gameplay Details Revealed at ComicCon 2010

While Spore allowed you to make creatures completely from scratch, in Darkspore you’re provided detailed hero models that act as a foundation for customization. In the revamped Creature Editor, you’ll […]

LOL @ Pug singing Batman

Well folks, that about wraps up all of the backlog of news that I have.  Hopefully later on tomorrow night I can take care of the backlog of affiliates request.  […]

Process of creating NPCs for Darkspore

I love the fact that the DarkSpore developers are so willing in sharing with us their developer secrets!  I wish more studios would follow suit!  Source is from the DarkSpore […]

Temporary coverart for The Sims 3 Late Night @ EA Store

While browsing the official EA Store, InfiniteSims saw the following placeholder box for The Sims 3 Late Night listing.  As always, this is a temporary box art and hopefully by […]

Missed out on The Sims 3 Collector’s Edition? Download the Montalcino Fandango SE sportscar

Those who purchased The Sims 3 Collector’s Edition when it was released last year were treated with the Montalcino Fandango SE sportscar.  It appears that just recently, The Sims Team […]