SimPrograms turns 10, celebrates by…well nothing

Talk about walking into a birthday totally unprepared!  10 years is a long time, especially for a website dedicated to video games.  But here we are, officially turning 10 years old.  Normally this would be a huge milestone for anyone, planned out months in advanced…but as I stated earlier in the year – this is going to be a bumpy year for me taking care of personal matters and putting on the “big boy” shoes to step out in the world.

So, where do I begin in with my rambling thoughts…Ah.  Site improvements.  As you may have already noticed, the categories are getting overhauled.  I’m separating news into their own content fields.  For example, are you only interested in reading about Late Night?  What about The Sims Medieval?  Well, they are split up into their own games so just click the category link under each post title and you’ll be able to read all of the news pertaining to that subject.  This is still a work in progress and tweaking to it, but this should make it easier in terms of organization.  I’d like to thank Jinx from InfiniteSims for giving me a hand on this.

Next up, we have a new design in the works.  I can’t say much about it just yet, but machinima and graphic artist TheSidDog is currently underway working on a new theme for the site.

Once we get the new design worked out – all of the pages are going to be overhauled, possibly on a easier content management system then what we have now (pretty much nothing).  This is going to take the longest time to set up – mostly because I have a back log of programs, patches and tutorials to add.

Ummm…that’s pretty much it in a nutshell for the site’s progress.  Expect to see broken links in the meantime as I frantically switch the urls and the names of pages/categories around!

Now, real life issues – I can’t remember if I posted about this already, but if things go according to plan with my Realtor, the last few months of the year is going to be extremely busy.  I’m closing on a house at the end of next month, and they have a few major things they have to fix before I can move in.  So I’m playing the waiting game, but I pretty much think I’m locked into purchasing the house.  Of course, once I do I’m going to repaint it to my colors – so I don’t think I’ll have my stuff actually in the place until December or January of next year.  I’m eager to start working on setting up my Sims theme room and start doing podcasts :)

Last but not least, the thank you’s are due.  It’s hard to imagine that it has been 10 years.  This was such a tiny site back in 2000 hosting a couple of my personal programs for The Sims and a few custom downloads.  Now it appears to be one of the biggest and active sites in the Sims community (note, I’m not the bragging type, so please don’t take offense!).  I owe my gratitude and thanks to the staff – Simillions, Frankie, Luke S., and our tech guy, ManagerJosh.  I also want to thank the countless number of Sim fansites out there providing the great content and keeping up with the news.  And of course, our readers.  Without you, I’d pretty much be talking to myself…although I tend to do that anyways, so…yeah :)  Oh, and of course, we have EA.  Sure, they can be a pain in the rump at times, mess things up, make tons of mistakes…but in the end I’m addicted to their games – and you’re guilty of it too :P  What can I say, they make excellent games – when they work :D



Rumor – Is SimCity 5 on the horizon?

We all know that EA loves to buy domain names and hang on to them, but it’s surprising to see that this was done just recently.  Skyline shared his thoughts on a possible SimCity 5 that may just be coming.  Of course, key word is MAY.  This isn’t a guarantee but it is a good sign and a first solid step.  Back in June, EA registered SimCity5.com as well as renewing SimCity.com around the same time.  Skyline speculates that EA may be reviving the franchise due to its popularity on it hitting Steam as well as basing a theory that we usually see new SimCity games every 4 years.

As for now, mark this down as a huge rumor.  I just hope EA can find some way to keep it inhouse with their studios – preferably give the game to a small team within Maxis…but I’m not keeping my hopes high.


GamesRadar – The Sims 3 Late Night preview (GamesCom 2010)

Another preview popped up for The Sims 3 Late Night, this time from GamesRadar.  Gotta give credit to my pals over at SimsDomination for the link.

We’re also told that hot tubs are big deal new addition in Late Night. And – brace yourself – you can even “WooHoo” in them (that means S-E-X, giggle!!). So as you work your way up to a super deluxe penthouse with sweeping views of the city, you’ll definitely want to leave room for a fancy jacuzzi. The sky seems to be the limit in terms of decorating too, and you can even have one of those uber-baller status aquarium window-wall set-ups so it looks like your kitchen and your living room are separated by a slice of ocean.

Oxygen bars seem to be making a comeback in Late Night too; we saw one in almost every bar we visited. Different flavors of oxygen affect your Sim’s mood in different ways, so you can actually use them to facilitate whatever other activities you want your Sim to partake in.

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GameSpot – The Sims 3 Late Night impressions (GamesCom 2010)

InfiniteSims spotted a new preview on The Sims 3 Late Night from GameSpot, its pretty much covering the same information we’re familiar with, only 2 more months and you’ll soon see this game on store shelves!

Late Night is primarily about living that VIP lifestyle by boosting your celebrity status and getting to know the bouncers so they’ll let you in on sight. A new lifetime wish could be to own a penthouse, which you can then deck out with a hot tub on the balcony and tons of swanky furniture. A couple of character traits have been added as well: your sim can be shy or have star quality, which makes your sim more likely to gain fame and hog all the attention. However, during our demo we noticed that your sim doesn’t need to have that quality to get up and dance on a bar (apparently that particular sim had the insane trait).

Other objects that are worth mentioning include a bubble bar, which is similar to an oxygen bar, where your sim can sit and blow different-colored bubbles. An effects machine can be added to spruce up the atmosphere with snow, lasers, or confetti. For a more low-key type of setting, there are shuffleboards, arcades, and dart boards to keep your sims busy. Everything we saw at the bars can be used in your own home, so you can have your own cocktail bar in that penthouse suite you’ve been eyeing. The city of Bridgeport is quite big, with landmark buildings and plenty of towering high-rises. A red dot on the map will indicate which club is particularly happening that evening, so it’s worth checking out what’s hot that night to make the most of your evening. Another way to find out where the party is at is to gossip with your fellow sims or read the newspaper.

full preview here


GamePro – The Sims 3: Late Night preview (GamesCom 2010)

GamePro was invited to EA Redwood Shores last week for a pre-GamesCom 2010 showcase in which they were able to check out an alpha build of The Sims 3 Late Night.  They brought back a few notes about the expansion:

  • Late Night brings players to a new Downtown location independent of your suburban setting from the base game (no “visiting downtown” a la Hot Date). Players start out living in a high rise apartment building that the user can decorate but not remodel completely (unless you enter a cheat), and can spend their time barhopping or trying to climb career paths which could lead to fame. The bars are the second major building addition to the game and you can build those from scratch or remodel any of the pre-fabricated ones included in the game. Different bar activities are available (like brawling and Mixology), but what’s cool about the bar scene is that the makeup of Sims in attendance changes from night to night. One night a dive bar might be the hotspot with celebrity Sims slumming it – another night, it might be a high class lounge that only Sims with a three-star celebrity or higher rating can get into.
  • Fame comes at a price unless you’re the child of a celebrity. Sims earn fame by bragging about their awesomeness in their job or talents with booze or bands. This gets other Sims talking about you and maybe open up gig Opportunities where Sims can earn more fame by working as a bartender at a famous bar or playing a show out in the park. Once your Sim’s celebrity starts climbing, they can sign autographs and move into classier places like the Penthouse or into a mansion across the river from the main Downtown area. Children of celebrities can be famous or not famous – but if they start signing autographs from childhood, then they’ll start on the star path early.

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