Kotaku – Sims Medieval Doesn’t Stray Far From Its Roots (GamesCom 2010)

A rather great article from Kotaku on The Sims Medieval – they provided a pretty good amount of detail.  Some may hate the idea and I can’t blame them for that…but I would like to try the game before I speak on it.

Unlike typical Sims games, Sims Medieval doesn’t remove the walls of the buildings when you zoom into a building or castle. Instead it peels away the front of the building, leaving the sides and back in tact. The effect is like looking at a visual dictionary, which pulls away the layers of an object to let you look inside.

“We wanted to make sure you always remember that you are inside the castle, so we just peeled away the front so you can peek inside and see what’s going inside,” she said.

There has been a lot of work done to the Sims 3 engine for this game, Bernstein said, like adding sub-surface scattering to the character models to make them look warmer and alive.

“We wanted to go with a painterly look,” she said.

The look of the game isn’t the only thing the team tweaked for Sims Medieval, they also reworked the way the Sims speak.

“Simlish was altered to be more medieval,” Bernstein said. “We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how it would sound. Initially we thought about making everyone sound more British. We tried an over-the-top Monty Python simlish.”

What the team ended up with was a similish designed to sound like old English, she said.

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MacWorld reviews The Sims 3 Ambitions

Can you put a price on a good job? Would you rather toil in a non-descript building each day, or take on a more exciting, if less financially-sound job? Well, The Sims 3: Ambitions makes this last question easy: I can’t recommend shelling out thirty or forty dollars to make the work aspect of your Sim’s life more enjoyable. While it’s fun to catch ghosts, put out fires, and give Mohawks to everyone in town, The Sims 3: Ambitions is still marred by bugs, a time-management system that makes playing a chore, and the feeling that you should be getting all of this as a free update. Expansions like Ambitions and World Adventures don’t work as stand-alone games, and worse still, they make the flaws and frustrations of the original Sims 3 more glaring.

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Will Wright’s TV show shooting its pilot this week

I’ve been one of the early invites for Will Wright’s ‘The Creation Project’ when he launched his first Stupid Fun Club project this past spring.  Sadly, I could not keep up and decided it would be best to remove myself from the group.  I had my doubts that it’ll do well, and honestly, still kind of do.  But it’s Will Wright – I wish him the best of luck on his work and I hope he can prove me wrong!

Anyhow, Joystiq picked up on the fact that the pilot episode of his new TV project has begun filming this past week.  It’s storyline was contributed by many users from the group and will be an on-going series on CurrentTV.  According to ExhibitSims, this new television show of Will’s is called “The Man, The Myth, The Legend”.  Here are a few screens…

cp cp3 cp2


MacWorld – SimCity Deluxe (iPhone) reviewed

SimCity Deluxe manages to nicely translate the features of the computer game to the iPhone. The smaller screen size may make your city and its icons feel cramped, but the tapping mechanism is an intuitive stand-in for mouse clicking. Otherwise, the graphics are flawless an the gameplay is never boring. SimCity Deluxe looks much better than the original app launched for the iOS devices and many of the bugs have been corrected while the menus have been retooled. Still, SimCity Deluxe doesn’t suppor the iPhone’s Retina Display, so while the game looks better, it’s not as big a leap forward as it could be.

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