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Darkspore Patch Changelist

Only two more days until Maxis shuts off the last (or presume to be) Darkspore beta as it’ll be releasing on April 29th!  They pumped out a small patch which […]

Darkspore Beta #8 patch notes

Another big patch for the Darkspore beta has been released!  What all did it fix?  Maxis provides the details on their Darkspore forum: PERFORMANCE / CRASHES Fixed an issue where […]

This Week In MMO – Darkspore

This week the hosts of TWIMMO wade through the weeks news, much like a fisherman wades through the river, seeking not only the satisfaction of catching the elusive bass but […]

Will Wright at Inventing the Future of Games

Keynote speaker Will Wright is the award-winning creator of Spore, The Sims, and SimCity. The head of the entertainment think tank Stupid Fun Club, Wright is widely acknowledged for creating […]

ZAM checks out Darkspore

We kicked off our day (henceforth dubbed “Darkspore Day”) like most developer studio visits, with a tour of Maxis’ lofty, open-space facilities. Instead of a sit-down presentation, however, the morning […]

MMORPG – Darkspore Day recap

Darkspore itself, the lore of it, the art style and the story all lend themselves very, very well to an MMO setting.  To have this wonderful, mystical world available to […]

Ten Ton Hammer – Darkspore Day recap

I love it when development teams invite the average fans into their workplace and show them behind the scenes features on how they bring a game to life.  Sure, playing […]

Darkspore Day – Nerding out at Maxis

Katersoneseven was one of the many people who attended Darkspore Day held at the Maxis Studio on April 12th.  She has uploaded a 30 minute video showing off how her […]