Sims can now do laundry in The Sims 3 Ambitions

Some of you may have already seen those leak pictures that I accidentally posted yesterday by mistake.  Seems now they’ve appeared everywhere.  At request, I’ve opted to leave them off […]

The Sims 3 takes on the 2010 UK Elections

It appears that EA UK is keeping a close eye on the 2010 UK Elections as they’ve released a special mock-up image.  Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are […]

GamePro – MySims SkyHeroes preview for Xbox 360

GamePro checked out the Xbox 360 version of MySims SkyHeroes a month ago at EA Redwood Shores Studio and has posted their preview online, sharing with us a few new […]

5/5/10 – 32 screencaps from the MySims SkyHeroes official trailer

Gotta give BricaSims all the love for taking the time to provide 32 screencaps from the official MySims SkyHeroes trailer. Thanks, pal!

Official trailer for MySims SkyHeroes

This is the French version, but it’ll do for now until we can get a hold of the English one.

5/5/10 – Five character renders from MySims SkyHeroes

Thanks to SimFans for uploading and converting these, otherwise they’d be 25MB files each!

MySims SkyHeroes fact sheet

Take to the sky to lead the resistance against Morcubus and his drone army and to stop his plans to take over the skyways! MySims SkyHeroes is an all new […]

5/5/10 – 2 new Sims 3 Ambitions wallpapers from ‘Sims True Life’

Fantastic, I just love this wallpaper, and it’s even better that Sims True Life created one in English as well!  Check them out below (size is 1680×1020).