Official PR: Artist ‘Starman’ immortalized as a Sim in The Sims 3 Ambitions

I think I’ll keep my comments to my own self about this guy.  Let’s just say what happened to singers these days (Lady Gaga, this guy, etc).  Talk about some…bizarre characters.  Anyway, if you want to download Andrew Stone or ‘Starman’ from what I gathered he’s called, you can do so at the official Sims 3 exchange.


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GUILDFORD, UK. 2 June 2010 – Pineapple Dance Studios phenomenon and face of Starman, Andrew Stone, has been immortalised as a Sim and will be available to download globally via The Sims 3 Exchange.

Seen as the embodiment of ambition and determination, the creators of The Sims have decided to catapult Andrew to global stardom ahead of the release of The Sims 3 Ambitions on June 4th 2010. The Sims is the world’s biggest PC franchise and has sold over 125 million games since its launch in 2000. For ambitious Andrew this marks another milestone on his meteoric rise to success and will open him up to a fan base of millions across the world.

Simified music videos, songs in Simlish and a new global fanbase will be just some of the next steps in his career; ultimately turning a life-long dream into reality. With a new album, iphone apps, countless TV performances and the Pineapple series about to hit the US, there seems to be no stopping Starman’s global domination as he follows in the footsteps of previously Simified singing sensation, Pixie Lott.

“I am so excited about this new project. I mean, Pixie Lott is a huge star so it’s a great achievement for me to be Simified like she has. I know how tough this business is and I am just so grateful that people like my music, like me and want to see more of what I have to offer.” – said Andrew
There will be an exclusive webisode created with behind the scenes footage of Andrew seeing his Sim for the first time and recording his track “I don’t Wanna Dance” in Simlish.

Behind the scenes footage of Starman’s exclusive Simlish performance can be seen at:

The Sims has fulfilled Andrew’s ambitions, now you fulfil yours:

The Sims 3 Ambitions is the latest expansion pack to the best-selling PC game of 2009, The Sims 3. The game allows players to pursue a variety of exciting careers in their Sims’ lives that in turn affect their overall gameplay experience and neighborhood. Careers include a Stylist, Inventor, Fire Fighter, Doctor, Architectural Designer, , Private Investigator and Ghost Hunter. For the first time, players will be in charge of how their Sims’ career progresses and decide if they will work for good or evil, pursue creative endeavors or technical affairs, change the town for the better or wreak havoc on everyone’s homes


GamerZine – Interview with Grant Rodiek, Producer of The Sims 3 Ambitions

InfiniteSims spotted a new interview via GamerZine (Part 1, supposedly) with the producer of The Sims 3 Ambitions, Grant Rodiek.  The topic of DRM (Digital Rights Media) came up, something in which we haven’t heard about in awhile.  Grant had much to say about it:

GZ: How does Sims 3: Ambitions tackle the problem of piracy and DRM?

GR: I remember reading the boards the other day and one guy was talking about the stylist career and how much he enjoyed playing it in Indonesia. Whether he was full of crap or serious, this was weeks ago and the game is only just coming out. I thought that was kind of funny and sad at the same time. People do pirate our games, it’s a reality. Our approach with this game is lets back off the DRM (Digital Rights Management), we have a disc check and that’s it.

Basically we want to reward our paying customers with light DRM, a good price and we’ll give you great stuff. You have Riverview if you register the game, and you get free updates which you can only get via registering, it takes months of our time to build this exclusive content. For World Adventures we had extra decorative items for your home and you have a bunch of new objects for this game as well. Hopefully this philosophy of nurture not punish will pay off and if players help us out and support our game then we’ll do our best to support them. We can’t stop the piracy, it’s maddening to me. It’s theft and that is all it is, but we’ll still try to support players.

GZ: DRM is something that will never go away, are you ever tempted to slap the hardest, most limited solution onto the game as possible?

GR: It always tempting. I know that on Sims 2 around the fifth expansion we added SecuRom and that made a lot of people really angry. That was a huge discussion point for The Sims 3 from top to bottom, junior engineers were writing emails to senior staff members arguing why we shouldn’t use specific forms of DRM and from there throughout the company we all decided we would only do a disc check and cross our fingers that the community would support us. I like to think that more people bought it because of the way we have acted, by respecting the consumer.

full interview here

While yes, is a pain in the rear to deal with, I do believe EA should have some way to protect their game that doesn’t screw legitimate buyers much like SecuROM did.  Their approach with the Disc Check is nice, along with their incentives on rewards for registering.  Problem is, the free rewards were on file-sharing sites before Ambitions was even released, thus hindering the whole purpose :(

I personally believe there is only one true way to handle the problem known as DRM, and I call it the Jay and Silent Bob method:  Kick the crap out of all those that pirate (again, CAUTION – FOUL LANGUAGE):

They have the money to do this and it’ll definitely get its point across.  I fully support this decision if they decide to opt in for this method.


CinemaBlend – The Sims 3 Ambitions first impressions

A brief portion of a review by CinemaBlend:

Over all, I’m having fun with the new EP. Unlike World Adventures, which gave you three set locations to visit, Ambitions is sort of scattered in terms of the new things it offers the game and it’s hard to figure out which new job or hobby to try first. With that said, I’m eager to see what else I can get out of this EP as Karen continues to build her skills and perhaps, dabble in some of the other career options.

full article here


6/3/10 – 4 new sets at The Sims 3 Store for the month of June

It’s time for The Sims 3 to release new sets at their Store for those who happen to use it.  Have to say, my favorite from this bunch is the Game Time Set.  The Strike Em’ Out Glove chair is pretty sweet.  Oh, and props to EA for releasing 18 new shirts for free (even though they are pretty much the same style)!  Thanks to SimFans for the tip!


6/3/10 – The Sims 3 Store slashes down prices from the Ultra Lounge Set

Want to score some objects from The Sims 3 Store at prices that they should be sold at to begin with?  Well, hit the Store and check out the Ultra Lounge Outdoor, Living, Dining and Bedroom Sets as they’ve been marked down to 300 points each.  The Living Room Set especially as it contains 17 items!

This piece of information brought to you by Alexis on Facebook


Weather in The Sims 3 Ambitions

This deserves its own post as it shows off what true weather could be like when The Sims 3 team decides to implement it in full force in a future expansion pack.  Alexurt recorded the following lightning storm over the Criminal Warehouse when she had to respond to an emergency.  Can you imagine if this storm cloud were to cover whole worlds and to pour down raining with lightning striking various places?  Very eager to see what we’ll get one day, don’t disappoint, Sims team!