4/14/10 – The Sims 3 Community Poll

Let’s get to voting folks…As much as I gripe about the Sims 3 Store, I’d love to see a Space Age themed set – I’m practically sitting on 2000 points.  […]

Ocean Quigley Projects: Spore’s Black Holes, Protoplanetary Discs and the Galactic Core

Thanks to InfiniteSims for tipping me off on a new update from Ocean Quigley’s Project Blog.  This time he shares with us some insight on the black holes, protoplanetary discs […]

LOL @ iPad kitty

Everyone loves kitties…even the toughest of men tremble at the sight of one.  This one cat is something else…in fact it may be dubbed the new ‘keyboard’ cat.  Watch the […]

The Sims 3 Ambitions hi-quality Dutch logo and final boxart

With special thanks to the ever awesome Sims 3 Nieuws!

4/13/10 – More site ramblings and other concerns

It appears this site has seen a huge increase of newcomers who have not been familiar with the way this site has been ran in the past.  I’ve been getting […]

Hi-quality shot of The Sims 3 Ambitions Collector’s Edition (Germany)

German fansite SimFans picked up on a high-quality image of The Sims 3 Ambitions Collector’s Edition that they’ll be getting in Germany on June 4th.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed […]

4/13/10 – EA Store’s Twitter & Facebook discount

Just saw this message pop up on my Twitter feed from The Sims 3 Twitter: Use “TWITTERsims10buxoff” & receive a discount on various TS2/TS3 games! Offer good until April 18th, […]

SimProgram’s newest recruit – welcome “Simillions”

As I stated in a few earlier posts, this summer looks to be a very busy one for me, hence the need to look for a few new recruits to […]