Einstein – the cutest horse you will ever see

Let me take a minute here to go off topic and to share with you the following video about the world’s smallest horse – Einstein.  Born on Aprill 22, 2010 […]

Upcoming ‘Sims 3 Hairstyles’ for May 2010 update on The Sims 3 Store

The Sims 3 is currently showing off a few sneak peaks of a few hairstyles coming to The Sims 3 Store in May 2010.  Wish instead they’d focus more on […]

The Sims 3 Electric Vehicle Pack – Renault trailer #3

A new trailer has surfaced showing off the new Renault electric vehicle.  Thanks to all who passed it my way!

Images from The Sims 3 ECO Pack

Did you manage to grab the ECO Pack that was up on The Sims 3 website the other day?  If you haven’t, don’t worry – it’ll be back soon as […]

TheSims3.com introduces unlockable community badges

The official Sims 3 site has added unlockable community badges for your profile page if you happen to meet or pass one of these items: Not only that, but Sims […]

Download the Sims 3 Renault Electric Vehicle Pack (EVP) now!

Those who are wondering…why yes, the Renault is specifically for European countries, anyone can still download it via the following link.  I just did and it worked for me   […]

The Sims 3 – Iron Man 2 parody video

Love this video which is filled with many different Superheroes – even the kids from Kick-Ass, President Obama, Conan O’ Brian and many more.  Even though Iron Man 2 doesn’t […]

The Sims 3 Renault/Toyota Electric Vehicle Pack and EV/Eco Set

First off, let me give reader Nate a huge, huge thanks for sending me an email about this.  He brought to my attention that the official Sims 3 site is […]