The Sims 3 Ambitions – Sunset Valley recruitment poster

You know, I wonder why EA won’t produce a limited number of these and offer them for sale on their EA Store…I see goodies like this all the time, don’t they know there are people willing to pay for them (like me?) :P

The only thing that bugs me about this poster – that was a giveaway from yesterday – is that they used real life people instead of Sims.  I’m surprised they took that route…curious as to why.


IGN – EA shares more details on The Sims 3 for console + 5 new images!

The Sims 3 on console is looking pretty good judging by these 5 new screenshots which shows off the Xbox 360 and PS3 version that IGN picked up.  Not only that but they were able to interview Sam Player, Executive Producer, for some more juicy details on the game.  Can’t wait!  Sam Player, I know you’ll come across this..or one of your staffers will.  Please let me come by and play this game :P  I always enjoy the console versions as they usually have less problems than the PC versions :)

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IGN: Can you break down what makes each platform for The Sims 3 unique? What strengths do you feel were unique to platforms like the Wii and DS that you had to capitalize on?

Sam Player: Obviously on the PS3 and Xbox360 platforms, connectivity is a big story. Specific to those versions, players can connect to share their creations with fellow Sims players around the world, as well as download content from other players without ever leaving the game through a seamlessly integrated exchange system. Players will also face short and long term challenges, earning rewards, Xbox achievements, and PSN Trophies, and can even share those achievements with friends by connecting to Facebook or Twitter. [Note: This feature is subject to availability through PlayStation Network and/or Xbox LIVE.

The Wii version offers exclusive content and an all-new beach town location with new residents, traits, careers, weather, Karma Powers and lifetime wishes. It also is exclusively a direct control play mechanic – players will use the thumbstick to move their Sim around town. The remote/nunchuck controls of the Wii lend themselves perfectly to a direct control system. The town also offers unique environments never before seen in a Sims game. Sims will be able to live in houseboats or tree houses, for example, as well as features that did not appear in the PC version like swimming, kite surfing and others. There is also a multiplayer game just for the Wii version that social players will enjoy. Players will be able to go head to head against three of their friends in the all-new Life Moments game, where they bet on and make choices about life’s most important milestones to tell their Sims’ life stories, earning points and garnering rewards along the way – all flavored with our Sims-style of humor and irreverence.

The NDS offers our first truly open sandbox-style play experience for the handheld. We are very proud to be able to offer a robust, real life experience for players who are “on the go”. Our Create a Sim feature is second to none on the NDS in terms of customization options, and it even contains more clothing options and items than its predecessor on the PC. For the first time on DS, players can control multiple Sims within a household as well as build the floorplans of homes with tools to construct walls and floors, again using the stylus as your “paintbrush.” Of course players can still customize their house as always with décor objects, textures, and more.

full interview at IGN


Sims 3 Cri – The Sims 3 Ambitions Italian preview with Grant Rodiek (part 2)

Sims 3 Cri completed their Ambitions preview article as they’ve published part 2 of their time spent with the game.

Ambitions introduces a new neighborhood, called Twinbrook. Just like Sunset Valley or Riverview, it is fully crowded and organized. In the town you will find certain places, i.e. the junkyard, the consignment store, the laundry or the tattoo saloon. that We’re not sure if the general update will include these lots in Sunset Valley or Riverview too, but you can always place them in the Edit Town menu.

This does not mean that to play with these places or with the new careers, you’ll have to move to Twinbrook. Simply, the new town comes with all the new lots, but you can place them in Sunset Valley or Riverview as you prefer.

Grant Rodiek also explained that Twinbrook is inspired to the southern area of the United States (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, etc.) and has a different style than Sunset Valley or Riverview. There are also new neighborhood decorations (among which a wooden rabbit) and a cute new iron bridge.

There is also something new for the so-called rabbit holes, that is, inaccessible lots such as the school, the supermarket or the theater. With Ambitions, these have been updated and edited a bit, of course both in Twinbrook and the other towns. So:

  • Ambitions introduces a new neighborhood, Twinbrook, inspired to the southern U.S.;
  • The new community lots (junkyard, laundry, etc..) can be placed in any other neighborhood;
  • The rabbit holes have been modified (but still remain inaccessible) and there’s a new bistro.

full preview here


EdenStyle – The Sims 3 Ambitions preview (part 1)

Italian fansite EdenStyle had the chance to check out The Sims 3 Ambitions as EA and Grant Rodiek stopped by the offices of EA Italy.  They’ve published part 1 of their report (and yet, still no pictures :( )


  • The new traits are the followings: born salesman, dramatic, eccentric, eco-friendly, perceptive and savvy sculptor.
  • Born salesmen can sell their items for a better price.
  • Dramatic Sims react in a exaggerate way to everyday events.
  • Eccentrics are good inventors.
  • Perceptive Sims are perfect for Investigator career.
  • Savvy sculptors have a natural talent for sculpting skill.
  • Eco-friendly Sims care about the environment and don’t want to waste water. They prefer to use the bicycle and they dry the clothes with the clothesline and not the electric dryer.
  • I really appreciate this attention for ecology, it’s a great idea in order to make players more sensible to this issue.


  • Tattoos can be done both in CAS and inside the game, with the tattoo station. Sims can make tattoos to others or to themselves.
  • Tattoos system is really well done and you can make tattoos everywhere.
  • The game gives us tons of pics that we can recolor or resize. Thanks to layers, we can combine different pics and create our own tattoos, that can also be saved for the future.
  • If you don’t want your skin to be painted anymore, you can remove the tattoo.
  • Children and teens cannot be tattooed. Grant said that they discussed about it at the beginning, but then they decided to cut it.

Laundry system

  • In The Sims 3 Ambitions you can now use the washing machine.
  • Players asked for that for many years, and this is another proof of the fact that EA listens to us.
  • How the laundry system work? Our Sims will start to leave dirty clothes on the floor, that can be washed with the washing machine and then dried on the clothesline or with the dryer.
  • Wearing clean clothes gives our Sims positive moodlets, increasing lifetime happiness.
  • Do you hate washing clothes in real life and you don’t like the idea to do it also The Sims 3?
  • No problem, you don’t have to use the laundry system if you don’t want to! Sims leave dirty clothes around the house only if you have a washing machine in it.
  • This is a great design solution, since it lets the player to decide if he wants to use this feature or not.

catch the full scoop of Part 1 here


EA Russia PR – EA awards “Dima ‘s Dream” charity 1,500,000 rubles

Props to EA Russia for helping out those in need with the Dima’s Dream charity!  Tony Watkins, CEO from EA Russia was at The Sims 10th Anniversary Party to award the charity with the gigantic check.  Credit goes to Sims.miXei.ru for the info!

IMG_3261 IMG_4060 IMG_3938 IMG_3692 IMG_3683 IMG_4069 IMG_4298

Company Electronic Arts gave the charity fund “Dima ‘s Dream” 1,500,000 rubles for the construction of homes for teens with developmental

Moscow, Russia – May 19, 2010 – The company Electronic Arts to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the most popular game The Sims ™ decade gave a charity ‘Dima’ s Dream “1.5 million rubles. These funds will be used to build a house for teenagers with developmental. This project is part of the charity program “Town”, which aims – to surround the graduates of the specialized children homes with love and care and help them live a full life in their own home.

Ceremony took place a check on May 18 event on the 10 th anniversary of The Sims. It was attended by Regional Director for Electronic Arts, Tony Watkins, as well as representatives of the Fund “Dima ‘s Dream” – Director of the Fund Sergei Andryushin and deputy director of charitable programs Elena Volodina.

“Support for The Sims ™ fans over the last 10 years helping to make the impossible possible: the virtual world has a real dream – Tony Watkins said. – We contribute to this charitable project that other” special “guys might enjoy this life, filled with daily joys and new experiences. ”

Assistance Fund ‘Dima’ s Dream “also had many Russian celebrities who supported the initiative of Electronic Arts, and expressed a desire to help the project. Among them, the famous artist Nikas Safronov, a well-known photographer Vladimir Glynin, fashion designer, Alisher, a leading stylist Vlad Lisovets, Miss Russia 2003 Viktoria Lopyreva, actor Paul Kabanov, interior designer Helen Teplitskaia and many others. All of them will take part in settling the future of home to make it a really cozy and comfortable. Vladimir Glynin and Vlad Lisovets able to personally attend the gala event, The Sims. Glynin brought a gift to the Foundation – a beautiful photograph, which will adorn the house for a “special” children.

More details about the project can be on site www.simsdream.ru

For more information about the Fund “Dima ‘s Dream” can be found at www.ddfund.ru


Sims.miXei.ru – Interview with Tony Watkins, CEO of EA Russia

Sims.miXei.ru was able to pull over EA Russia’s CEO Tony Watkins for a short interview about The Sims.  Nothing much regarding any information on the expansion or the future of The Sims series, but still worth a read:

Sims miXei (SM): How do you see the future of such titles, like The Sims.
Tony Watkins (TU): You mean the expansion or deepening?
SM: Expansion.
TU: Do you see a lot of new things – the introduction of a social network, transfer to other platforms, applications for gadgets such as iPad and iPhone, and so on and so forth. Soon you will see many developments in this direction.

SM: So, you will deepen its relations with the community?

TC: Yes, of course. That is, we are already doing it. And not only in relation to The Sims, but also to the rest of the draft EA. On our Russian portal is registered about 2.5 million unique visitors monthly. The main objective of our strategy – public relations face-to-face with our community.

SM: How do you like to work in Russia?
TU: (spoke in Russian) I have here almost 15 years. This is a long time. I almost Russian. If so do (pointing to the veins), may be there will be vodka. I do not know. (Moving to English) I do not know. When I lived in London for ten years, I frankly was bored, because he could predict his life. I have seen the future. When I arrived in Russia, I do not see the future. Every day you open something else, something new. Adventure, risk. But this is just for me. I do not mean that other people who live here have some sort of adventure. Really do not know what will happen tomorrow. And I think that is quite interesting.

full interview here