IGN – hands on with The Sims 3 Ambitions (new pics)!

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Loyal Sims 3 fans who aren’t interested in professions can still expect a lot of changes to their game, as EA is planning a huge free update to go along with the expansion’s release. The first of the major new pieces of content is the ability for players to give their Sims tattoos. Without Ambitions players will only have access to a limited set of Tattoos, but they can still apply them to their characters and other Sims. Even with Ambitions the art seems fairly limited at first, but the range of what you can do with the images is impressive. Through resizing and layering players can create some fairly realistic and genuinely good-looking body art.

Other new features free to all players with the release of Ambitions are self-employment, more options with customizing a neighborhood, and increased build/buy features. Sims who have the proper skills like photography or painting can register as self employed, making it so players who are aspiring to a life goal that links to the skill will no longer have to live with that pesky “unemployed” title. The other neighborhood and build/buy features are pretty specific sounding to the uninitiated Sims player, but trust me when I say that players who love to customize the minutia of their town and buildings have a lot to look forward to with Ambitions whether they buy it or not.

The biggest part of the free update, though, is the Create a Pattern tool. This tool will allow players to import pictures or other graphics and modify them in order to make textures for walls or other items (though this will not make tattoos). Using what seems like a very basic version of Photoshop, players can change things like the color, brightness, or size of their pictures, with the ability to layer up to five images on top of one another. It’s a fairly simple sounding tool, but it’s just another way EA’s allowing Sims 3 players to manipulate their surroundings to their liking.

Keep reading the article at IGN for more information about Ambitions, but the above is the main highlights for me.  For those not picking up Ambitions, tattoos will still be possible – but limited.  That’s kind of nice for EA to do – props for that.  Also, we’re finally getting the ability to import our own textures…yes!  I’ve been wanting this for some time – I don’t have the talent to create my own with the various custom content tools available…so I’m looking forward to that.  Ambitions is shaping up to be one of the best packs yet (even though I say that to all of them…so ignore that comment ;) )

Still waiting on details about the Ghostbusting career…Shame EA didn’t allow IGN to try it out…

full article at IGN


5/7/10 – 2 wallpapers of The Sims 3 Ambitions

2 new wallpapers have been created based on the newly released renders from this past week.  First up is one by The Sims Slovenija which is featured in their native language as well as in English.  The sizes offered are 1024×768, 1280×1024 and 1680×1050:

The Sims Slovenija

The second one is from Simsous which is only in one size – 1024×768.  Download that one here.



Spore 2 to be titled ‘DarkSpore’?

Breaking news for the Spore fans!  We’ve been wondering what Maxis has been working on for some time now.  For the most part, we have assumed it to be Spore Creature Keeper, a game aimed at the younger audience which mixes elements of Spore and The Sims.  However, EA filed 3 new trademarks (trademark 1, trademark 2 and trademark 3) for the name ‘DarkSpore‘ earlier this week, indicating that this may be the next game in the Spore franchise.

All we can do now is give assumptions and guesses.  Could this be a new spinoff?  The sequel to Spore?  Will it be the coined ‘scientific’ version of Spore that we saw during 2005?  Who knows, it could be anything at this point!  EA won’t give anything away at this moment, but we’re hoping to hear more as they may make a mention during their financial report on May 11th.

Keep tuned to SporePrograms for any Spore development as I’m on this like a fat kid on cake.  And I speak for experience about that.

Source:  CVG


Grant Rodiek to appear in London for The Sims 3 Ambitions hands-on event

Those who are able to participate in the hands-on event in London coming up on Monday will be in for a special surprise – The Sims 3 producer ‘Grant Rodiek’ will be stopping by for a short meet and greet to answer your questions!  Sims 3 Nieuws has the scoop:

And I Have some news-Grant Rodiek, Producer or The Sims 3’s Ambitions Hoping to pop by and see us and Also Will Hopefully be up for answering questions Some. EAUK_Aurora

Do you know if we’re allowed to take pictures?

I Think it Will Be Unlikely but I’m afraid we Will Be Able to Let You Know Exactly What You’ll Be Able To Do on the day. EAUK_Aurora

Sucks that they may not be able to take pictures of the game – we’re not sure exactly if we’ll be able to see any or not, I hope that isn’t the case! Look for a special mega-post containing all of the news from the Ambitions hands-on event as I’ll be adding it to the site this weekend!


EA Underground – Interview with Sims 3 Community Manager Andrea Wendland

I received an email that EA Underground published an article on our very own Community Manager, Andrea Wendland.  It’s nice to know for a change what a CM’s job really is like…and by the looks of it, it does indeed sound very busy!  Thanks to EntirelySims for the email!

As Andrea Wendland puts it, “working in The Sims studio is very fast paced since we produce more games than most studios.” Her job as the Lead Producer for The Sims 3 website then makes her the person that needs to make sure all the studio’s happenings are being communicated properly to the world (yes, I mean world). Because of this, she has more meetings in a day than I have in a week.She starts her days off with an international conference call with other EA employees, then she meets with the web engineers, then with the marketing and game team, then with community managers, and finally the with store team. And all this is before she actually sits at her desk to do some work. Read more


Free ‘Lucky Duckie’ download at the Sims 3 Store

An funny yet embarrassing story…I was a hefty child so I probably shouldn’t have but I squeezed myself into one of these when I went swimming once.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to squeeze myself out and it ended up having to be cut off of me.

Yeah, and I wondered why the other kids called me fat-a$$…

Download for free here – not recommended for overweight Sims. Thanks to Simonettac for the tip!