3/14/10 – Poll results & new poll

Last week’s delay in the poll was caused by the Oscars, so sorry about that!  Although it was beneficially the fact that it turns out you guys don’t mind me […]

Will Wright’s GDC 2010 speech roundup

A number of articles have been flowing out to the net from Will Wright’s secret appearance at the Games Developer Conference 2o10.  Considering that they really don’t offer much of […]

Gamasutra – Will Wright Peels Back Layers Of Entertainment, Games (GDC 2010)

During his talk, Wright essentially deconstructed not only the games industry, but the role of entertainment in general. When viewing the industry, he’s not necessarily coming up with a definitive […]

Will Wright’s “secret” appearance at GDC 2010

Will had a secret hour-long talk at the 2010 Games Developer Conference.  Titled ‘Metaphysics of Game Design‘, Wright used the alias Phaedrus due to the fact that he was unsure […]

GDC 2010 Leak: ‘The Sims 3′ spotted for the Nintendo DS

We know that ‘The Sims 3′ is slated to come to consoles and handhelds as EA CEO John Riccitiello mentioned it in the fiscal report back in early February.  Yet […]

The Sims 3 Ambitions Fact Sheet and Bonus Content

EA has released a factsheet for The Sims 3 Ambitions containing information of many things we are already familiar with. However, there is a blurb about bonus content that we’ll […]

“The Sims 3 It’s Magic” fan-made mini expansion pack

Coming right off of the huge custom working “Magic Wand” from Mod The Sims, a fan known as JordooSims put together a huge collection of over 50 items (61MB total) […]

Meet the people behind EA Play public relations

Meet the way we (sites in general, mostly) get our news – through the public relations representatives at various EA departments.  Both Rachel Steinberg and Lauren Svensson are the ones […]