Curious Displays – What Life As A Sim Might Look Like

Julia Yu Tsao has quite the imagination.  For his Graduate Thesis Project, he came up with the following idea of ‘Curious Displays’, a future display technology that becomes familiar with […]

EA Buys Mobile Developer IronMonkey Studios

In a world where logic is a common trait for mankind, one company seems to lack it all – EA.  Layoffs, losing money, more layoffs, lose more money, buy new […]

WiiNintendo – MySims Camera DSiWare review

Have you ever gotten bored with your DSi cameras?  Well, if you are a MySims fan, EA has the product for you.  MySims Camera is essentially a camera “add-on” for […]

‘The Sims 3 Hobbies & Professions’ renamed to ‘The Sims 3: Ambitions’

Sims 3 Nieuws has picked up an important piece of information about the next expansion pack.  As we all know, two listings have been confirmed about the rumored The Sims […]

UK: Top 20 PC Games Chart ending February 20, 2010

Well done, Sims!  You finally were able to surpass Football 2010…it looks like it is starting to lose steam!  However Aliens vs. Predator just released and that took the #1 […]

The Sims 3 team – If your content sucks, say goodbye!

Man, just when I’ve started to lighten up and give credit for The Sims team doing a good job, they just have to revert right back to their wicked ways.  […]

Want Servo for your Sims 3 game?

Well you can pick him up over at Mod The Sims as EsmeraldaF brought him to life for your Sims 3 game!  Special thanks to Umi for mentioning this to […]

EA/Maxis Job Opening – World/Environment Modeler for upcoming RPG project

We are still left to wonder what the next project coming from Maxis will be. All we have right now to speculate on is Spore Creature Keeper, a PC game […]