Brazil and the high-priced The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff pack

I received a tip via email via reader Isa sharing with me information about The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff and its availability in Brazil.  As you may know, EA closed down their Brazil studios and WB picked up the distribution of their games. According to Isa, the first stuff pack has began to be distributed throughout Brazil but at an outrageous price of R$ 69.90. She commented that this is the same price as the expansions sold down there, when it should be sold for R$ 29.90. That’s crazy if you ask me! Some say that this is actually a mistake, but if that is the case it should have been fixed…the price has been sitting around that total and it’s making many Brazilian fans upset and holding off from purchasing the item!

Can’t say I don’t blame them…I wouldn’t pay $40 for High-End Loft Stuff (I’d get it on Ebay for much cheaper)…so I feel your pain.

Here’s the link that Isa sent me of the game being sold at said price.

Brazil fans, please show your disgust of said pricing at the official Sims 3 site…as of now, it’s the only thing I can think of other than buying the game on Ebay and having it shipped to you. Please let EA know you don’t like being overcharged.


Ocean Quigley Projects – Spore and the Intestisaur

Ok, the following creature that you’re about to see may gross you out!  I’m not even going to bother with the details of what I think it looks like…rather I suggest to visit Ocean Quigley’s Project Blog or just read below.  Once again, special thanks to Jinx from InfiniteSims for passing this info along to me!

The most charismatic creature that came out of Spore’s development was undoubtedly the Intestisaur. It was created by Flux, who interned with us one summer.

The thing was fascinating to watch, but disturbing and creepy. It became our unofficial mascot. Here’s a Maya render of it, after exporting it out of Spore.

And a little animation of it (him? I was never sure about Intestisaur’s gender, but I’ll settle on “him”) walking. The animation system handled him just fine and it was fun to watch him saunter around.


The Sims 3 Community creativity help

Need some creative tips?  TheSims3.com can help you!  The other day they posted 4 links to help you in your creativity!

Want to start creating but need a little help with inspiration? Look no further! Not only is The Sims 3 community talented, but they’re very helpful. Take look at these helpful threads created by the community that are great for beginning -as well as seasoned- creators!


Showcasing Your Lots Workshop

Creative Designing with Darkside266

Writer’s Block

Kudos to InfiniteSims for the tip!


More details on “The Sims 3 Ambitions Collector’s Edition”

Just received word from the webmaster of Russian fansite Sims.miXei.RU about the upcoming so-called ‘Collector’s Edition’ of The Sims 3 Ambitions.  They contacted EA Russia to see if they could get more information and were given the following response:

It’s not a Collector’s Edition, it is a book about the developers and the characters of the Sims. It will be released in France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Germany only, and will be available in book stores. It will not be published in Russia.

So…no game then, just a 48 page book that comes with a poster, sketches and other misc. goodies?  I suppose it looks to be this way.  So far Germany and Spain will have this to release with Italy, France and UK soon to be mentioned.  No US release, so it looks like I’ll be ordering a copy from Ebay soon after the expansion’s launch (speaking of which, I did the same for The Sims 3 Create-A-Sim).


IndustryGamers – Will Wright on The Sims’ Legacy, Wii, Natal and More

IG: Last time I spoke to you, you had clarified how, even though you’re no longer with EA, you still have a consulting agreement with them to meet with them regularly to assist with any ideas for The Sims or Spore. Do you have any updates on your input into those franchises? Are you still regularly meeting with them and helping them shape the future of those franchises?

WW: Yeah, they’re just down the street, so I see these people all the time. I’m not sure of the things that they’re working on, what’s been announced or not, so I have to be careful what I talk about there.

IG: Well, I guess more generally speaking, what would you like to see happen with those franchises? What ideas or new things are percolating in your mind for The Sims or for Spore that you’d like to have implemented as part of the game design?

WW: Well, those are the kinds of things I talk to them about. [laughs] But I think that what they’ve done with The Sims 3, they’ve really done a good job of managing that franchise in terms of how they expand it, how they’ve catered to what the people have been wanting without ruining the core experience. I think each franchise has its own community, its own territory that they’ve staked out and they’re all exploratory in some sense. You’re always wanting to try things where you think the fans might want to go, but maybe you’re not quite sure and sometimes you might do that with a new version and sometimes you might do that with an expansion pack, or maybe a lighter, online experience that leverages off of that franchise. I think every franchise is very different in terms of where you go with it strategically, but again, I’m not quite sure what they would like me to say about that because I’m not quite sure what they’ve publicly announced or not.

Lots more to read, catch the full scoop at IndustryGamers!