The Sims 3 Ambitions free DLC – “Ultimate Career Bundle”

The Sims 3 game’s method to prevent piracy is to add in bonuses for those who purchase the game legitimately.  In the case of The Sims 3 Ambitions, those who pick up the expansion and register the game will be able to download – for free – the Ultimate Career Bundle!

This downloadable content will feature more gadgets for the inventor, more options for the sculptor, new cases for the private investigator and new hairstyles for the stylist. Thanks to Dimensao Sims for passing this information along!


Lucy Bradshaw: Most Influential Woman in Technology 2010 & Maxis’ future project

Big shoutout to the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Maxis, Lucy Bradshaw for she has been awarded with the title of Most Influential Woman in Technology 2010 by Fast Company!  She worked her way up thru many games – SimCity 3000, The Sims, Spore and now she is behind Maxis’ future project that will be compared to Spore and The Sims.  Could this be the long-awaited Spore Creature Keeper game or are they tiering off to create a whole new I.P.?  Hope to hear from her soon on what Maxis has in store for 2010!

Currently, as SVP and general manager of Maxis, she’s working on something that promises to have Maxis’s DNA, though she will only hint at the game’s concept. “I can tell you that that sense of being able to create these living creatures and do so in a way that felt really meaningful to players — leveraging that, but even giving them a little more context by which they can ultimately experience an experiment with their creation – -that’s one direction that we’re taking,” she says. The game will undoubtedly be compared with the The Sims and Spore — two of the most innovative games in history. How does she cope with it? “It’s no pressure whatsoever,” she jokes.

article here


UK: Top 20 PC Games Chart ending April 24, 2010

Football Manager 2010 is a beast, is there anything that can stop it?  Sure, Football Manager 2011 will someday take it’s place.  Either way, being #2 isn’t all that bad. At least EA is still holding onto the #1 spot in the Budget Price list with High-End Loft Stuff!

Source:  Chart-Track


Sims.miXei.ru – ‘Down by the River’ Sims 3 Wallpaper

This one’s a beauty.  Check out the following wallpaper designed by Sims.miXei.ru – it comes in various sizes (1024×768 | 1152×864 | 1280×1024 | 1680×1050).  Props to Sims 3 Nieuws for pointing this out!


4/25/10 – Poll results & new poll

Where did this weekend go? I hate when this happens, get off of work on Friday, turn around and all of a sudden it’s Sunday night and you’re looking at another 5 full days of work ahead. Sigh…

Let’s see what the poll results are for last week, shall we?

What are your thoughts on the fact that The Sims 3 Ambitions will not open current workplace rabbit holes?

  • I’m fine with it (59%, 144 Votes)
  • Mad as heck (41%, 99 Votes)

Total Voters: 243

Can’t say I blame you for being upset for the rabbit holes. Personally, I don’t mind them, but some of you would like to have every single location on your map playable, and you have the right to that opinion. Hopefully with each expansion they’ll consider unlocking them. Or at least give us the ability to duplicate the lots and make them open up for ourselves.

This week’s poll questions you on the direction of The Sims 3 series. Do you think it’s going the right way in terms of mission-based objectives?


EA Mobile to release SimCity Deluxe on mobile devices – 3 screens

EA is not only working on updating SimCity for the iPhone, but they are also updating the game for mobile devices!  EA Mobile posted 3 screens on their Facebook page showing of SimCity Deluxe for mobile phones.  At this time, not sure which phones they apply to…many are hoping it’ll be released for the Android so hopefully that is the case.


GameSpot – The Sims 3 Q&A with Grant Rodiek on ‘Heroic Careers’

The Sims 3 Ambitions is shaping up to be an interesting expansion!  GameSpot managed to get in touch with Sims 3 Ambitions producer Grant Rodiek to share a few more details on the second expansion, here’s a snippet from the full interview:

GS: How does the medical career go beyond the options in the original game?

GR: Doctors in Ambitions can exit the hospital to save lives during emergencies (such as a woman choking at the bistro), provide free health clinics and inoculations in the community, or provide experimental medicines to the community. Not everything is entirely ethical, but who are we to tell players that?

GS: Tell us about the challenges that firefighters in The Sims 3 will face. Are there new disasters from which they must rescue their neighbors?

GR: Of course! Firefighter sims will encounter small fires (that often escalate if you aren’t careful), huge infernos that require dramatic rescues and smooth hose operation, or even earthquakes. Firefighters face two challenges–preparing for emergencies by training and maintaining equipment, and handling them when they occur with speed. Players are required to make quick decisions (do they save the sim or smash the chair before the fire spreads?) to earn high scores and save lives.

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