10 days & counting for The Sims 3 Fatboy chair!

Guilty as charged, many might disagree with the fact that EA seems to be focusing more on putting out real merchandise instead of focusing the game, but I can’t help […]

GamesRadar – Newspaper headlines from videogames

If I had any skill at writing and being funny, I’d love to be able to do Onion-type articles using characters from The Sims.  That has potential.  Perhaps one day […]

Activision passed on Maxis & The Sims

We all know the end of the story. Activision today is one of the biggest and most successful publishers in the world and owns the rights to some of the […]

Hobbies & Professions News

I know that Jud already posted about the “Bart Smit” Dutch retailer saying it was on a list of games (originally from www.simsplanet2.com) but there was one fact that was […]

RUMOR – The Sims 3 Spellbound CONFIRMED FAKE

Also on the comments section of another post, “Dan d” confessed to photoshopping the cover and then blurring it.  He gave the link to the full photo, so here it […]

RUMOR – The Sims 3 Hobbies & Professions Cover CONFIRMED FAKE (**COVER ONLY**)

I found this under the comments section of another post, thank you for posting the link “lolifofo”.  It is still just a rumor and could be photoshopped.  In my opinion […]

Will Wright talks at GLI wrapup; impressions & pics

I’m kicking myself for missing the live stream of Will Wright’s presentation at the Games for Learning Institution!  Got the times mixed up and took a nap, ended up sleeping […]

Turn your Sims into fools with these Carnival Hats!

SimsPlanet2 pointed out the fact that The Sims 3 Store has updated with 2 free ‘Carnival Hats for your Sims to wear. Just in Jest Hat Celebrate Carnival by tapping […]