GDC 2010 – DLC is the most profitable form of digital distribution according to EA

The Games Developer Conference is taking place so we’re going to hear various comments from those in the game industry, like EA’s chief operating officer John Schappert.  Guy held a […]

The Sims 3 Theme on electric guitar by IApollonI

Oh my, this guy has talent!  If you can get away playing this in high school, I’m sure you’d be surrounded by the ladies in no time.  Props to this […]

Hey! Look! Listen! Navi from The Legend of Zelda invades The Sims 3

‘ Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  Listen!  Hey!  Look!  Listen!  Hey!  Listen!  Listen!  Look!  Hey!  Look!  Look!  Listen!  Look!  Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  Listen!  Listen!  Look!  Listen!  Hey!  Hey! OH SHUT THE HELL […]

Traffic Signs and Billboards for your Sims 3 Lots

When I was a youngun, LEGO and Hotwheels were my two favorite toys to play with!  While I loved collecting the cars made by Hotwheels and Matchbox, my favorite part […]

French Fries Hat, Llama Head, Propeller Hat for The Sims 3!

Yes, you remember these hats from The Sims 2 and now you can get them for The Sims 3 thanks to EsmeraldaF for porting these over!

Japan – Spore Hero Wii / DS boxart, images and trailers

Poor Japan, they have been waiting to get their hands on EA’s Spore Hero for the Wii and DS due to the amount of time it takes to localize the […]

GDC 2010 – Will Wright shares his thoughts on the Nintendo Wii

“I think the Wii is a very unique platform, and that’s kind of its core value. That’s why it’s been so successful – because it’s pretty clearly different than the […]

Spore Pi Day Challenge – Vote for the finalists

Whoa, there are a number of great creations sent in for the Spore Pi Day Challenge!  My pick to win is the Wheel of Fortune, but I also love the […]