MySims SkyHeroes for DS – ESRB details

InfiniteSims caught wind of the ESRB raiting for MySims SkyHeroes listed for the DS platform.  It’ll also be released for the Wii, but at this time the rating has only […]

Simciados – 2 fanmade wallpapers of The Sims 3 Ambitions

Simciados created wallpapers based on the current cover of The Sims 3 Ambitions. Only one size is available – 1024 x 768 – however there are two languages to pick […]

Kotaku – Will Wright speaks! Audio from his GDC 2010 presentation

We’re still awaiting video of Will Wright’s presentation during his speech at the Game Developers Conference 2010… I’d figure we would already have seen it floating around somewhere, but the […]

3/19/10 – 2 new screens of SimCity Deluxe (iPhone)

Thanks to SimsDomination, Screens via iPhoneGamerBlog

3/18/10 – News on The Sims 3 iPhone update issues

Tuesday, EA put out and then quickly retracted an update for The Sims 3 on iPhone / iPod touch due to a problem with the game destroying your saved games.  […]

SimCity Deluxe (iPhone) Fact Sheet

Just picked up the fact sheet for the iPhone update of SimCity – SimCity Deluxe! Look for it to arrive this summer at the App Store. I wish they made […]

3/17/10 – 5 screens from SimCity Deluxe (iPhone)

Coming off of this morning’s post of an updated SimCity game for the iPhone (SimCity Deluxe) is 5 new pictures from EA!

Custom Sims 3 pendant, earings, neck chain on Ebay

While surfing on Ebay I came across a listing of a custom Sims 3 Plumbob necklace/earrings set.  Since I doubt we’ll ever see an official version released, we have to […]