The Sims 3 ‘Loverland’ fan-made pack by SimsTR

Simply beautiful is all I have to say, and a very awesome idea :)  The Turkish fansite SimsTR put together a fan-made mini pack which consists of a new world […]

2/14/2010 – Happy Valentines Day!

Or for me, I should say Happy National Single Awareness Day!  Did everyone here have a good one or did you manage to get into a fight with your significant […]

Sims 3 Hidden Traits

While I was looking through the mods section of I stumbled across a mod titled “Hidden Traits Unlocked”.  I decided to take a look at it and download it […]

Reuseable Dr. Pepper codes for Spore & Sims 3

Update – EA has fixed these codes, they will only now work for Mass Effect 2. I can’t take credit for the following as it was posted on the official […]

“How Will You Create The Universe” – an animated short based on Spore

I want this.  Want it now – will cut off an arm and a leg to get it (don’t worry, it won’t be any of mine).  Sadly it is just […]

IGN: The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff Review

The Stuff Pack has a decent selection of high-end objects in various categories, so you’ll be able to an entire house brimming with the modern gadgets. Even if your Sim’s […]

Cinema Blend – 5 ideas for the next Sims 3 expansion pack

I wish the Sims team would branch off of their usual expansion pack formula and go for an idea that truly is out there.  While World Adventures was a fresh […]

Fatboy announces licensing agreement with EA to bring Fatboy Sims 3 Chairs

*Updated* – Added pic of Sims 3 Fatboy chair. Day 1 – bought for me. :D  I have no idea where I’m even going to put it in my room, […]