4/11/2010 – Site issues/update and ramblings

Can’t believe the weekend is coming to a close, back to another boring week of work!  It pays well though, and that’s the most important part!  I have a lot on my mind – about this site and my life in general, so let me get to writing!

Site wise, I can’t believe Luke’s little post about his desktop stirred up quite the controversy, one of our most commented posts :P  Anyhow, I can’t stress hard enough that this site is not limited to strictly Sims – it can be everything and anything that I want (and allow for them) to post.  I like his new desktop, I’m a sucker for seeing how others have theirs laid out.  Mine personally has no icons, I use ObjectDock instead for all of my needs.  If I had a touchscreen monitor, I’d end up doing exactly what he did!  So, let me make this clear – if you see a post that you may not find of your interest, just skip it and scroll on down :)  It’s that simple.  This site isn’t meant to stand out of the rest, we’re just another fansite – we just want to share our normal human side and not just be robots programmed to sell and advertise EA games.

Let’s see….The poll – not planning on changing it this week, will have one ready for next week!  Oh, and thanks for the tip about our forums being down.  It appears that the latest PHP update broken them.  I’ve let our tech guru, ManagerJosh know about this so hopefully it’ll re-appear soon!

One last comment about the site for I touch on a few personal things.  This summer looks like it’s going to be a busy one, so I think I may be on the lookout for a new recruit.  I already have one in mind (I’m looking at you, Simillion) but if anyone else is interested (possible someone who is good at creating custom content or knows many of the sites that are high quality and would like to feature some downloads) then please email me.  Familiarity with WordPress is required!

Now to the personal matters.  As I mentioned, this summer is going to be a very busy one!  I’ve decided it’s time to move out of my old folks place (I’m 23, and no, I don’t live in the basement or attic – not a total loser!) and find a home for myself.  Problem is, I need a good chunk for a downpayment.  It’s kind of a spur of the moment thing, and I know that’s not a good idea in terms of wanting to buy a house, but I feel like the sooner, the better.  So, considering that I’ll be needing money, I’ll be going thru my room selling a lot of my collectibles that I have on Ebay.  Look forward to seeing some posts hawking my stuff in the coming weeks.  If anyone is interested in Star Wars, Nintendo and model cars/collectibles then keep an eye out!  And no, my EA/Sims stuff is off limits!

I’ve also been considering if it would be a good idea to put up a donation button but my morals are getting to me.  I can’t help but to think if I could somehow get 4,000 visitors to each Paypal $1 that’d be sweet.  I’m not going to place one up just yet, rather I want to hear your opinion on this.  Would it be wrong to do?  I mean, it could be a cool campaign ralley “Help Jud buy a House”.  I’ll even give out a free tour via video :P


Rumor: The Sims 4 is going online?

I hate to post such things when we’ve got many years of waiting to do.  At this point, anyone can say anything.  Regardless I’ll guess I’ll post it anyways, but keep in mind that this (unlike the Sims 4 being worked on previously by an EA employee) doesn’t really have any merit behind it – it’s just speculation at this point.

InfiniteSims picked up on an update by O Sim Louco who was able to ‘contact someone’ about TS4.  It appears they are tossing around the idea to include online aspects much like The Sims Online had.  Right now, it’s merely ideas – we don’t know for sure…but I think one of these days The Sims will find its way back to online gaming.  You can only expand it so much graphic wise and idea wise.  It’s one feature they should consider re-exploring again.  The Sims Online was just too early for it’s time I suppose (and a tad boring).  The only thing I hate about this is the monthly payments – especially if we had to give EA our money.  This may be 1 game I’ll own that I’ll probably never play if that’s the case.


SimCity Metropolis for Blackberry devices now available

While it has already been out on some phones for quite awhile SimCity Metropolis has just been ported to Blackberry devices.  If you have $6.99 it can be yours by purchasing it at Bplay.

In SimCity Metropolis for BlackBerry, the premise is pretty much standard. Hand-picked by the President, it’s your job to construct and build a new town into a prospering city. Progress through the game by solving humorous scenarios… Solve the scenario, and expand the city. Simple. Zone residential, commercial and industrial zones, build streets, supply adequate power and more. Keep residents happy with amenities, resources and entertainment… and don’t forget to run a balanced budget! If you’ve played any SimCity game before, you know the deal!

Source:  IntoMobile via InfiniteSims


Ocean Quigley’s Projects: SimCity 3000 boxart

Nothing too exciting, but Ocean Quigley – former EA worker, posted some information about the boxart design he created for SimCity 3000.  The image he provides makes for an excellent wallpaper!

This was the interior box-art for SimCity 3000. We way overbuilt that geometry for how large it would ever appear in game, so it held up to print resolution just fine.

I’m particularly proud of the launch arco on the left; it’s a little white suburban house complete with a picket fence and a tricycle in the yard, all enclosed in Buck Rogers style rocket ship.

Oh, and the Battersea power plant from Animals came out nicely too.


The Sims 3 official German magazine – April/May 2010 issue

If it is offered in your area, on April 16th you should be able to pick up the April/May edition of The Sims 3 Official Magazine.  This issue includes 20 exclusive items, a workshop (tutorial?) for The Sims 3 Create-A-World tool and a preview for The Sims 3 Ambitions.  Thanks to SimFans for the info!


NowGamer – Sims 3 Ambitions interview with Grant Rodiek

Producer Grant Rodiek is on a role today, sharing details about The Sims 3 Ambitions!  Here’s another interview from NowGamer.  Thanks to Sims 3 Nieuws for the find!

Were there any creative careers you wanted to add but couldn’t for any reason?
Our initial brainstorms are always full of ideas we either cannot do or don’t want to do. For every game created it always comes down to focusing on the features we think will be the most fun for the players. Our creative careers (Architectural Designer, Stylist, Tattooing, Sculpting) provide huge amounts of open-ended gameplay so they quickly made it to the top of our priority list.

Do you anticipate adding more creative careers in the future?
There’s always potential to add more to any feature in The Sims. That’s what makes our creative process so exciting as a developer. We can look at what the community likes or at our current features and improve this. The Sims 3 is a massive, constantly evolving sandbox.

How do the creative careers impact the rest of your Sims life, if at all?
If your Stylist Sims are malicious or negligent when styling other Sims they might suffer a bit of backlash from their customers. Likewise, Architectural Designers can fill client’s homes with broken and dirty toilets, or simply make it so that things won’t work. However, in both cases this will hurt your Sim’s long-term career prospects and even relationships with clients.

For good or bad, your Sims can change how their neighbours and neighbours’ homes look every day.

full interview here