9 Years Down, Hopefully Many More to Go

The site has been run under the domain name: simprograms.com for 9 years now, so happy 9th Anniversary SimPrograms! P.S. – Sorry about the whole deal with the original post. […]

A little note about this site…

I’d like to clarify a little something with Luke’s last post and the comments that were left for him.  First, I want to thank him for even thinking about the […]

SimPrograms Lot

I have been spending my time trying to put together a headquarters lot for the site to go into the game, so after a few weeks of work I’ve come […]

2/14/10 – Poll results & new poll

I’m doing a poor job keeping track of my poll…I know it’s there, it’s just that some Sunday nights I completely forget about it!  Lucky for me I have some […]

The Sims 3 ‘Loverland’ fan-made pack by SimsTR

Simply beautiful is all I have to say, and a very awesome idea :)  The Turkish fansite SimsTR put together a fan-made mini pack which consists of a new world […]

2/14/2010 – Happy Valentines Day!

Or for me, I should say Happy National Single Awareness Day!  Did everyone here have a good one or did you manage to get into a fight with your significant […]

Sims 3 Hidden Traits

While I was looking through the mods section of modthesims.info I stumbled across a mod titled “Hidden Traits Unlocked”.  I decided to take a look at it and download it […]

Reuseable Dr. Pepper codes for Spore & Sims 3

Update – EA has fixed these codes, they will only now work for Mass Effect 2. I can’t take credit for the following as it was posted on the official […]