Tons of screens from ‘Sims 3′ Iron Man 2 parody video

Want to examine all of the details from The Sims 3 Iron Man 2 parody video?  Well now you can as a number of people compiled screens from the video.  Check them all out below and thanks to each and every one of you for doing this!

37 hi-quality screens from reader JD Walking

30 screens from Sims 3 Nieuws

39 screens from Sims Galerie


The Curtis Paradis Show – The Sims 3 comes to consoles

I’m not too keen on The Curtis Paradis Show, but I wished I had his courage to actually do videos like these.  Nobody wants to see my goofy self though so I’ll just stick to writing. 😉

Props to Sims 3 Nieuws for the video link


Einstein – the cutest horse you will ever see

Let me take a minute here to go off topic and to share with you the following video about the world’s smallest horse – Einstein.  Born on Aprill 22, 2010 in Barnstead New Hampshire at Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm, Einstein came into this world weighing only 6lbs and only 14 inches tall.  I’m more of a mule/donkey person, but I can’t resist…this is too adorable and without a doubt should put a smile on your face 😀


Upcoming ‘Sims 3 Hairstyles’ for May 2010 update on The Sims 3 Store

The Sims 3 is currently showing off a few sneak peaks of a few hairstyles coming to The Sims 3 Store in May 2010.  Wish instead they’d focus more on the expansion rather than their store, but I suppose something is better than nothing.  I’ll keep adding to this post when more pictures are made available.

*Updated 4/30/10 to include new images of a female hairstyle and a male hairstyle
*Updated 4/29/10 to include new images of a female hairstyle and a male hairstyle
*Updated 4/28/10 to include new images of a male hairstyle

x2_1393a78 x2_1391b93

x2_1398d9e x2_13970b6

30605_389261060078_35298715078_4523899_4239128_n x2_1372aaf

92244423-24c3e7bf8defe7cc550770487ce977f8.4bd733c2-full 31145_388645320078_35298715078_4512957_1883069_n

x2_1354cc5 30965_388960555078_35298715078_4518256_1338127_n



Images from The Sims 3 ECO Pack

Did you manage to grab the ECO Pack that was up on The Sims 3 website the other day?  If you haven’t, don’t worry – it’ll be back soon as it looks as if it was released prematurely (those wanting now should check out the comments in the EVP post for alternate links).  Both Sims 3 Nieuws and Sims.miXei.ru grabbed a few screens from the pack.  You may not be able to understand the descriptions, but it’ll give you a clear idea on what you’ll get when you download them.

sims3nieuws132 sims3nieuws133 sims3nieuws134 sims3nieuws136 sims3nieuws137 34340E0B0BDF-2 A5EDFE9C91A3-2 BC6E80C4E62E-2 BE99C9F4446C-2 CCA762683ED1-2 C841F6156875-2 26F076CCD046-2 89B621A2134A-2


TheSims3.com introduces unlockable community badges

The official Sims 3 site has added unlockable community badges for your profile page if you happen to meet or pass one of these items:

Not only that, but Sims 3 Nieuws pointed out three other badges dealing with how many friends your profile has:

Thanks to reader Umi_and_Alter for the tip!


Download the Sims 3 Renault Electric Vehicle Pack (EVP) now!

Those who are wondering…why yes, the Renault is specifically for European countries, anyone can still download it via the following link.  I just did and it worked for me 😀  Thanks to Sims 3 Nieuws for letting us know about it!